Rittal Blue e+ Cooling Units
Cut costs with comprehensive energy efficiency

As well as providing far higher energy efficiency than existing cooling solutions, the Blue e+ cooling units are also distinguished by their flexibility, safety and ease of handling. Customers can permanently save energy with eco-mode control. Cooling units in the “Blue e+ generation help protect the environment whilst meeting industry’s future energy efficiency requirements today.

The Blue e+ is the first cooling unit with integrated heat pipes and speed-regulated refrigerant circuit. With Eco-mode control the evaporator coil fan cuts out as necessary, depending on the enclosure internal temperature resulting in savings of up to 45% energy consumption.

SHIMPO High Precision Gearboxes
Improving the speed of industry

SHIMPO series of high precision gearboxes utilize different types of gearing technologies – planetary, worm, rotary stage – yet each achieves the highest level of precision and performance within its competitive class.

  • VRL series planetary gearboxes
  • ERH series is a compact servo cycloidal reducer
  • FLEXWAVE harmonic gear reducers achieve zero backlash,exceptional accuracy and repeatability
  • EJ Series servo grade speed reducers
  • STH off-set hollow bore rotary gearbox for a variety of robotic handling applications

Cost-effective Position Control in a Micro PLC
4-Axes control, Ethernet, and I/O

 The Mitsubishi FX5U PLC offers advanced position control features for up to four axes of control over step/direction to stepper drives. In addition to a powerful PLC, when you buy the FX5UC product you get Ethernet connectivity, an easy to wire terminal block option, a slimline body, and it can act as a very inexpensive four axes controller with stepper motors. 

This killer controller with built-in function blocks for easy motion programming includes CC-Link IE Field Basic for networking to servo drives. The FX5UC spring clamp terminals hold wires in place with constant force, preventing wires from falling out due to vibration. 

18mm Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link
Added value for the standard sensor
Balluff has incorporated IO-Link functionality of remote teaching, diagnostics, and parametrization into the widely used 18 mm tubular housing. The BOS 18M IO-Link functionality includes multiple switching modes for reliable detection and multiple teaching options for easier integration and better stability.

The added diagnostics provide faster troubleshooting which translates into more up time and productivity. Sensing modes include diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam.

  • Convenient configuration via IO-Link and teach-in
  • Easy alignment thanks to bright light spot
  • Active monitoring of the emitter LED
  • Extensive configuration options
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