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Laser Created Modern Art Video

Watch a specially designed laser art system create modern art called 'After Sunset'
SCHUNK MPG-plus Miniature Grippers
Small component handling
The  MPG-plus   is ideal for g   ripping and moving of small to medium-sized workpieces in low contaminated environments, such as assembly, testing, laboratory and pharmaceutical industry. The most powerful pneumatic miniature parallel gripper on the market, it’s optimized basic load rating make the MPG-plus suitable for using long gripper fingers.

  • Small component handling
  • Light-weight design
  • Oval piston for higher gripping forces
  • Micro valves reduce cycle times
  • Higher permitted finger lengths

Rail-mount Terminal Blocks with Lever
Simple, tool-free connections
Pull the lever up, insert a conductor, and push the lever back down. Conductors can now be easily connected and disconnected by hand in control cabinets, without requiring tools.

Connect tool-free via rail-mount terminal blocks with levers . Push-in termination of solid, stranded and ferruled conductors 
thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP®.

The marking system and the multifunctional range of jumpers for the well-known WAGO TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks can also be used for the new rail-mount terminal blocks with levers.

ABB Safety Relays and Controllers
Solutions for machine safety systems
The Sentry series safety relays contains basic models for simple applications and easy output expansion, as well as highly flexible models with extremely accurate timer functions.

With the Vital safety controller , up to 30 safety devices can be connected in series to one Vital and still reach PL e.

Pluto is a cost-effective, powerful and compact safety PLC for all types of safety applications. The Pluto concept enables simple, cost-effective communication, programming and changes to the system.

High-precision and high-rigidity linear bearings
The NB SLIDE GUIDE  are high-precision and high-rigidity linear bearings designed to utilize the motion of rolling elements. They provide low friction, no stick/slip, and smooth linear motion even under high load conditions

  • Needle Roller Guide – EXRAIL® - 50% higher rigidity and higher damping capability
  • Miniature SEB type – Smallest and lightest slide guide series
  • Miniature SER type – Precision crossed rollers provide high load capacity
  • SGL type – Compact and high load capacity
  • SGW type – Low height and wide profile for single-rail applications

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