ABB Safety Sensors, Switches & Locks
Protecting people and machinery

Safety sensors, switches and locks are used to control the gates and hatches around hazardous machinery, and to monitor the position of a machine. 

ABB's wide selection of safety switches are used for protecting movable physical guards, determining the position of dangerous movements, and the safe stop function. The portfolio is divided into:
  • Non-contact safety sensors
  • Safety interlocks
  • Key safety switches
  • Electromagnetic locks

5 Unique Ways to Merge Products
Merging conveyors consolidate product flow from multiple infeed lines

Typically, these systems will merge the product from multiple infeed lines into a single stream on one conveyor for the next phase in the production process.
There are many ways to merge product, such as: diverters and gates, product pushers, lane guiding, ARB Conveyors and more.

Balluff Enhanced Web Server
Simplifying IO-Link device integration

 To utilize the IO-Link devices to their fullest potential requires the ability to configure the devices. Balluff's market-leading IO-Link master portfolio now makes it simple to configure, monitor and troubleshoot IO-Link devices with a built-in, enhanced web server.

This powerful web server is available with all of the Balluff IO-Link masters for EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and EtherCAT. The web server utilizes the IODD (IO-Link Device Description) file that comes standard with each IO Link device to enable configuration of the devices in human readable format and drop down menus.

Ethernet Compatible Servo Amplifier
With CC-Link IE Field Basic

The MR-JE-C servo amplifier and compatible HG-KN and HG-SN motors provide a user friendly, high quality, low-cost, feature rich servo solution. Advanced One-Touch Tuning™ sets gains and filters in real-time, continuously tuning to optimize gains and minimize setting time and eliminate cumulative errors.

CC-Link IE Field Basic one-network solution enables a highly-flexible and low-cost system, and seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing by SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol). This feature allows CC-Link IE Field Basic Network compatible products, and Ethernet compatible products, to be connected on the same Ethernet based network enabling a flexible and low cost system. The MR-JE-C also supports Modbus TCP/IP communication over Ethernet providing additional options for communication directly to the drive.

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