IAI ELECylinder
A new era of switching air to electric actuators
Ushering in a new era of easy electric cylinder control, the easy  ELECylinder  is designed for simplicity from start-up to maintenance. Speed / Acceleration settings can be set in just 5 minutes. No time-consuming programming is necessary. You can also operate it with ON / OFF signals, like a solenoid valve.
  • Start and end points can be set at any value
  • Battery-less absolute encoder means no maintenance required
  • Built-in controller requires no control panel space
  • Reduces electric bills, the higher the operational frequency, the greater the savings.

SICK TR10 Lock Ensures PLe/SIL3 Safety Locking
Highly-reliable mechanical locking of movable safety protection
The SICK TR10 Lock is a safety locking device providing PLe (EN ISO 13849) SIL3 (IEC 61508) protection for personnel and processes through physical locking of moveable safety equipment such as guards and screens to prevent access to, or interference with, machinery in a hazardous area. 

The TR10 Lock features an RFID-triggered solenoid locking bolt that extends into the actuator for physical prevention of opening, or movement, of a safety guard. The holding force of 1690N ensures effective protection and the TR10 can be mounted in several different ways to make it easy to integrate with the machine design

Dorner Retracting Tail Conveyors
Improves system functionality
The capability to retract a conveyor, either manually or pneumatically, can improve system flexibility. The basic design of a retracting tail is a conveyor frame that retracts or extends, typically on slides or rails.

This function can happen infrequently with low accuracy or it can reoccur every few seconds with precision. Dorner has options available for both industrial and sanitary environments.

  • Product reject
  • Deposit product in precise rows or columns
  • Route products to multiple lines
  • Create walkthrough for worker access

Mitsubishi FR-F800-E with Built-in Ethernet Communication
Remote monitoring and parameter adjustments
The FR-F800-E is a pump and fan control VFD that combines performance, accuracy and reliability with embedded Ethernet based communications to enhance overall system flexibility. With 100Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP and BACnet/IP connectivity as the standard, the FR-F800-E provides an increased ability for remote system monitoring, parameter adjustments and easy integration into existing network environments.
  • Ethernet communications as standard
  • Automatic IP address detection Remote operation
  • Drive to drive communications
  • CC-Link IE Field network basic

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