Wet, Dry, Frozen - Flexible Barcode Scanners for Food Processing
Traceability solutions protecting customers and companies
The laser bar code scanners of the  CLV6 series  are ideal for use in food production processes where hygiene is crucial. Their tough stainless steel housings have an IP69K rating and can easily withstand harsh conditions. 

To avoid the possibility of broken glass the optical interfaces of the scanners are made from polycarbonate, which is very strong and hard and also resistant to water, chlorine-based alkaline disinfectants, solvents, oils and greases.

New Mini ROBO Cylinder Cleanroom / Dust / Splash-proof
Miniaturized electric cylinders
Cleanroom, dust-proof and splash-proof models of the Mini ROBO Cylinder series have been added to 5 types, with 3 sizes of each type, for a total of 15 models.

The newly developed motor allows for a far more compact size, comparable in size to an air cylinder. Models are available with the same shape as a typical air cylinder. This ROBO Cylinder can be used in applications where limited space previously required air cylinders.

Slim IO-LInk Master for Ethernet Based Industrial Networks
4-port IO-Link master in compact form
The new IP67 protection rated, machine-mount, 4-port slim IO-Link master has the same functional features as the popular Balluff 8-port IO-Link master series in a more compact format. This module is available on three popular industrial networks: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT. In addition, Balluff again expands their wide portfolio of IO-Link masters by offering these form factors with IO-Link Type A or IO-Link Type B port functionality

The IO-Link Type A and the Type B slim masters from Balluff are specifically designed to ensure that our customers get the most utilization out of each of the modules and that the masters fit well for their specific automation applications.

Mitsubishi iQ-F PLC with CC-Link IE Field Basic
Further extending the range of applications
Designed on the concepts of outstanding performance, superior drive control and user centric programming, Mitsubishi's MELSEC-F Series has been reborn as the MELSEC iQ-F Series . From stand alone use to networked system applications, iQ-F Series brings your business to the next level of industry.

The Ethernet-based open network CC-Link IE is a high-speed and large-capacity network integrating distributed control, I/O control, safety control and motion control. CC-Link IE Filed Basic Enables the iQ-F PLC to communicate with VFDs, Servo Drives, Remote I/O and safety devices seamlessly.

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