GOT Mobile Web-based Remote Solution
Monitor your worksite anytime, anywhere
The  GOT Mobile  and your mobile device improve visualization accessibility and reduces total cost of ownership. 

GOT Mobile provides convenient remote access to GT25 and GT27 Series HMIs for useful production monitoring and system operation. It is designed to monitor controllers using web browsers like Chrome and Safari, on devices such as tablets, phones and personal computers.
The status of equipment can be monitored remotely with your tablet or smart phone. In addition, you can view maintenance manuals to quickly check error details and find solutions. 
Improve productivity | Reduce downtime | Improve setup procedures | Improve maintenance

Safety Fence System
Designed to save time in design and assembly

Robotunits safety fence system is straightforward and safe. Completely prefabricated safety fence elements are ordered and can be easily and quickly assembled by just one person offering a flexible and time-saving safety system.
Robotunits has further developed the already proven safety fence system and offers three different designs:

  • Basic System
  • All Around Systems
  • Lean Line System

ERT Rotary Unit
Freely definable angle of rotation and high torques
The ERT rotary unit enables flexible, precise, and dynamic rotary movements within compact space while remaining virtually wear-free and maintenance-free.

The flat, high-performance module is based on a permanently energized torque motor and is equipped with an absolute encoder. It also ensures immediate repeat accuracy of 0.01° with no need for a reference run.

  • Large diameter center bore feed through
  • Three sizes with nominal torques of 1. Nm, 5Nm, and 30 Nm
  • Outside diameter of 120 mm, 167 mm, and 277 mm
  • Standard plug connector (M12/M17)

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AX KX Compact & Small Enclosures
Simpler, faster assembly and component installation
Rittal has rethought and redesigned the new AX compact and KX small enclosures , providing simpler, faster assembly and component installation, greater flexibility and enhanced safety. 

Modular designs and optimized cut-outs/sizes help to better utilize the space inside the enclosure. Integrated locators throughout the housing ensure the interior installation rails can be precisely positioned and securely fastened – even under dynamic loads.

Tool-free door assembly saves even more time. Once the door has been positioned, the hinge pin simply needs to be pressed in to complete the process. The AX door hinge can be switched to the other side with no need for machining, even on double-door enclosures. 

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