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 Dorner 7000 Series Conveyors
Sanitary conveyor for food handling

7X series of conveyors, also known as our AquaGard and AquaPruf platforms, take food handling conveyors to a whole new level. Designed for fast and effective sanitation and protection from contamination solely for the food and medical industries.
Meet BISSC, NSF, and FDA regulations
Only USDA certified conveyors in the industry
Only modular conveyor on the agency's list of accepted equipment for the meat and poultry industry

 Gigabit Ethernet-based Simple Motion Modules & Servo Drives
Single network simplifies machine design with high-speed communications

Addressing the need for integrating motion control, safety, I/O, variable frequency drives, and robots on a single open network with gigabit speeds, Mitsubishi introduces the new RD77GF Simple Motion Modules and MR-J4-GF-RJ Servo Drives featuring an open CC-Link IE Field interface.

The RD77GF Simple Motion Module for the iQ-R Series controller is ideal for a range of applications from simple point table operation to advanced synchronous control, and provides easy programming for complex applications. Combined with the CC-LinkĀ® IE Field compatible MR-J4-GF-RJ servo system, the RD77GF offers exceptional speed and performance.
Gigabit CC-Link IE Field Network - Ethernet cable is simple and inexpensive. A single network simplifies machine design with high-speed communications, superior noise-immunity, reduced wiring, and excellent troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance functions

Numatics G3 Communication Node and I/O
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Easy, cost effective solutions for digital I/O and valve automation

Numatics G3 Fieldbus Electronics have an innovative graphic display for easy commissioning, visual status, and diagnostics.
The G3 Series product line is a completely modular system. All of the G3 electronic modules plug together, via mechanical clips, allowing easy assembly and field changes. This makes the system highly distributable. Additional flexibility is incorporated because the same modules can be used in either centralized or distributed applications. The G3 electronics interfaces with the highly modular Numatics 500 Series, generation 2000 Series, ISO 5599/2 and ISO 15407-2 Series valve lines to further enhance the modularity and flexibility of the entire system

 TriSpector 1000
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Intuitive and cost-effective 3D inspection

The TriSpector1000 is a stand-alone configurable sensor for cost-efficient 3D inspections. No matter what the shape, color or orientation of the product, the sensor is up to the challenge. Now content, completeness and emptiness can be verified in all dimensions. It is perfectly suited for solving quality control applications in the consumer goods and packaging industry.
Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the TriSpector1000 ensures easy commissioning and operation. Even quick device replacement is easy with guaranteed field of view and re-use of saved settings

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