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 Dorner Activated Roller Belt (ARB)
Merge, divert and align products smoothly

The new 3200 Series conveyor with Intralox Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Technology is perfect for moving boxes and packages in merging, diverting and aligning applications.
ARB Technology uses low and high friction angled rollers within the belt to help smoothly guide and align items of all sizes.  This conveyor technology minimizes floor space, increases system reliability, eliminates costly system controls, provides a safer work environment, and can handle products as small as 6" x 6".

Numatics Integrated Enclosure Solutions
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Optimized assembly of electrical and pneumatic components

A pneumatic integrated enclosure solution from ASCO greatly simplifies your fluid automation setup. You get an optimized assembly of electrical and pneumatic components, specifically designed to meet the needs of your unique application. 

Each solution incorporates best-in-class products such as Numatics directional control valves, fieldbus electronics, cylinders, proportional products, ASCO Numatics filters/ regulators/lubricators (FRLs), accessories, and ASCO fluid control valves. Along with PLC and electrical components, they are all arranged for maximum efficiency in a space-saving enclosure.

 PS30 Pattern Sensor
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Increase flexibility and reduced material consumption

SICK's new PS30 sensor is a scanning opto-electronic sensor for rapid and precise position identification and presence detection for labels, packaging materials, or tubes. 

The PS30 is able to detect complex patterns even when objects are moving at high speeds of up to 10 m/s. Based on the principle of operation of a line sensor, it delivers a stable switching signal. The PS30 is primarily used in the packaging industry.

 Rittal TS 8 Modular Enclosures
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Find out why the TS 8 is the top-selling global enclosure

 The TS 8 enclosure is Rittal's flagship product, with more than 10 million units sold to date across North America and around the world.
ighly innovative and remarkably flexible, the TS 8 is available in more than 100 versions off the shelf and comes in carbon steel, and 304 and 316 stainless steel varieties. Its modular construction allows for easy assembly, baying, equipment installations, removals and reconfigurations

Accessories enable the TS 8 to be truly the world's most adaptable enclosure for industrial and IT needs.

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