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 Mini ROBO Cylinders
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Compact size closed loop electric cylinders

Systems that could only use air cylinders due to sizing constraints can now use Mini ROBO Cylinders to improve performance.  
Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use the Mini-ROBO Cylinder has achieved smaller size with significantly reduced overall length, width and height which are comparable to air cylinders.  Users who are comfortable with the handling and operation of pneumatic systems are now able to switch to ROBO Cylinders effortlessly.
  • Slider type 
  • Rod type
  • Table top
  • Linear servo type
  • Guided and Non-guided.

MELSEC iQ-R Automation Controller
Integrated and powerful control for demanding applications

The Mitsubishi iQ-R series CPU offers dramatic improvements in performance, setting new benchmark standards for processing speed. This not only enables users to realize enhanced system designs, but also provides the basis for significant reduction in hardware costs.

At the same time, the iQ-R series offers reductions in development cost, maintenance cost and risk of system failure, while providing an innovative upgrade path that will enable users to take advantage of ongoing developments through software upgrades rather than hardware upgrades.

With a scan time of 0.14 ms, the ability to process up to 419 instructions per millisecond, and a LD instruction speed of 0.98 ns, the iQ-R series sets new benchmark performance standards, helping to deliver increased productivity

 HVP Series Vacuum Pumps
HighVac series high vacuum venturi

The HighVac Series of air-powered venturi vacuum pumps generate vacuum levels up to 29.5" Hg [999mbar] and offer a wide range of vacuum flow rates.

The high vacuum level and compact size of the HVP pump allows you to incorporate smaller and more efficient components in your design. Often used to replace expensive, noisy, heat generating, electric pumps, HVP pumps are quiet and maintenance free, ideal for small shops, labs and recharging HVAC systems.
  • High performance - powerful vacuum up to 29.5"Hg [999mbar]
  • Fast response time - no delay due to long plumbing lines; mounts in-line and installs close to vacuum point
  • Efficient minimal air consumption
  • Compact, lightweight and modular - easy to install
  • Safe operation - no electricity needed at the pump
  • No moving parts to wear, stick or clog.

TS 8 Free Standing Enclosures
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Outstanding value and modular capabilities

Highly innovative and remarkably flexible, the TS 8 is available in more than 100 versions off 
the shelf and comes in carbon steel, and  304   and   316 stainless steel varieties. Its modular construction allows for easy assembly, baying, equipment installations, removals and reconfigurations.

Combined with Rittal's climate control and power distribution systems, the TS 8 enclosure safely and efficiently protects electronic equipment, control and processing systems in the harshest environments, the hottest factories and the most demanding conditions while possessing a design aesthetic and surface finish worthy of showrooms. Accessories enable the TS 8 to be truly the world's most adaptable enclosure .

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