HyperCyl ® Press Packages
Simple, durable, cost-effective solutions

Designed as an alternative power source to conventional hydraulic systems. At the heart of all HyperCyl Presses is a self-contained hydra-pneumatic cylinder system providing from 1-200 tons of output force using an ordinary plant air supply.

Choose your cylinder…
Hydra-pneumatic actuators come in 5 designs; HPI, HPS, HPT, HZ & HZS with Force ranges from 1-200 Tons. Electro-mechanical actuators (Ema) come in both Ball & Roller Screw configurations with Force ranges from 1-25 Tons.

Choose your frame…
HyperPress Frames come in 3 design configurations; C-Frames, H-Frames & CGB-Frames.  Standard and custom frame designs available.

Choose your controls…
HyperCyl offers 3 standard control packages starting with our top-of-the-line PLC1-PASS/FAIL, all the way down to our simple EC1 Electric Control and PN1 Pneumatic Control packages.

Mencom PMIN Power Distribution
Modular Connection System

The Mencom PMIN power distribution series provides a cost effective and time efficient, plug and play solution for your motor and machine, power applications. This easy to use industrial series of molded cordsets, prewired receptacles, adapter plugs and tees, provide a quick disconnect option for applications that demand more power.

The Mencom PMIN power distribution series is completely modular, which means the user can mix and match assorted parts on the installation. The simple plug and play solution reduces installation time and the need for specialized tools or labor that is typically used for traditional conduit or raceway installations. 
Magnetic Sensor with Multiple Switchpoints for T-slots
Up to eight switchpoints with IO-Link

 For cylinders, grippers and valves this teachable magnetic sensor with two switch points replaces two standard sensors. For longer cylinders the additional switch point can be used for example for reducing the air pressure before the end of stroke position of the cylinder.

IO-Link offers up to eight switchpoints and along with individual hysteresis settings. With a detection area of 60 mm, the Balluff teachable magnetic sensor for C-slots offers 10 mm more detection area vs standard offerings.

Mitsubishi FR-A800 PLUS Series
A new lineup of dedicated inverters
The new FR-A800 Plus inverters take the outstanding performance and functionality of the standard FR-A800 series VFD and incorporates special firmware to create drives dedicated to specific industries and applications.

The FR-A800-CRN variable frequency drives, with built-in features such as "vibration suppression control", "torque build-up in the shortest possible time" or "load-based speed control" functions are specifically designed for Crane and Hoist applications. The FR-A800-CRN series VFD enables cycle time optimization

With built-in dedicated functions like automatic winding diameter calculation, automatic dancer speed control, and sensor-less torque control for perfect tension the FR-A800-R2R inverter is the perfect choice in a wide variety of systems with various dedicated wind/unwind functions.

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