Mitsubishi Electric Launches MELSERVO-J5 Series Servo Products
Servo based predictive maintenance prevents unplanned downtime
Mitsubishi Electric’s next generation of servo products, the  MELSERVO-J5 Series , has just been released. Some of the most important features include quick tuning, vibration suppression, CC-Link IE TSN® compatibility (in addition to other common industrial networks), predictive maintenance AI within the servo itself, and a 26-bit batteryless encoder, among others.

  • Industry-leading 3.5kHz speed frequency response rate
  • 32.5µs communication cycle time, 
  • Quick tune capability 
  • Advanced vibration suppression control
  • Compatibility with common industrial networks like EtherCAT® and CC-Link IE TSN®
  • Predictive maintenance Maisart® AI technology
  • 26-bit batteryless absolute encoder

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Cartesian Robots Offer Space and Cost Savings
Offering advantages compared to industrial robots
Cantilevered and Gantry Cartesian robots  offer several advantages in many applications compared to six-axis, selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) and parallel robots. The most important of these advantages include greater workspace utilization, high dynamic range, simplicity and low cost.

The competitively priced  ROBO Cylinder IK Series   is the multi-axes cartesian solution The complete kit includes everything needed for fast and easy assembly.  

The  ICS cartesians provide a complete system solution! The ICS usually consists of various combinations of the ISP high-performance actuators which feature exceptional speed, rigidity, repeatability, and payload capabilities.

Precision Laser Distance Sensors
With IO-Link and ambient light suppression
The BOD 24K photoelectric laser distance sensor ensures detection and positioning of objects for various tasks, including contour detection, distance determination and orientation monitoring in assembly applications. The precise laser beam allows you to reliably use the sensor even for small objects and small object details.

Selectable modes allow you to choose between IO-Link, voltage (0…10 V or 1…10 V), or analog (4…20 mA) outputs. The sensor provides ambient light suppression as well as filtering to eliminate possible interference. The sensor also includes a precision mode for high accuracy at reduced processing speed. 

Hygienic Designed Enclosures
Extra cleanliness guaranteed

All areas of the food industry require different hygiene standards. Rittal has the right solution for everything, from the housing and power distribution to the climate control. Everything is a perfect match.

Terminal boxes and compact enclosures in Hygienic Design (HD) are key elements in the design of open processes in the food industry and clean rooms due to their ease of cleaning. Compatible accessories such as wall spacer brackets and HD-compatible cable glands complete the range.

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