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ELECYLINDER Belt Driven Actuators
2-position actuators with simple operation
The  Belt Driven ELECYLINDER offers simple, fast and cost-effective transition to pneumatic-free manufacturing. With only two end positions, these high-speed long-stroke actuators exceed scope of performance as pneumatic actuators.

These actuators can perform even slow uniform speeds over the entire travel path. In addition, soft starting or braking are no longer a problem here.

The built-in controller can be programmed very easily via the touch panel "TB-03" which can communicate wirelessly with the new electrical actuators. 

  • Max Stroke: 2600mm
  • Max speed: 1600mm/s
  • Max Load: 20kg

Articulated Roller Belt Conveyors
Merge, divert and align products smoothly
The 3200 Series conveyor with Intralox Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Technology is perfect for moving boxes and packages in merging, diverting and aligning applications.

ARB technology uses low and high friction angled rollers within the belt to help smoothly guide and align items of all sizes. This conveyor technology minimizes floor space, increases system reliability, eliminates costly system controls, provides a safer work environment, and can handle products as small as 6"x6".

Easily Adjustable Grippers for Cobots
Flexible gripper with long, adjustable stroke
The long stroke of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH can cover a very wide range of workpieces. The EGH The design enables the gripper to be attached to the robot quickly and easily. The gripper fingers are particularly suited for positioning over the entire stroke. 

  • Long and freely programmable stroke
  • Plug & Work simple start up
  • Integrated status display
  • Control via IO-Link
  • Constant gripping force over the entire stroke

MIXO ONE Series Enclosures
Accepts a wide range of single-sized MIXO Modules
MIXO ONE series is an aluminum housings system designed to accept a wide range of single-sized MIXO series modules. These robust connector enclosures are available in 3 hood variants and 1 bulkhead mounting base.

The numerous combinations of the MIXO ONE housings and single-sized MIXO inserts will easily allow each module to be converted into a fully independent connector for electrical power, data transmission, optical signals, or compressed air applications.

Ace Controls Safety Products
Protection for all machine designs under any condition
This ACE safety product group provides Emergency braking to safely slow down moving loads and reduce damaging forces. Although the safety shock absorbers, TUBUS elastomer bumpers and clamping elements differ so much in design, every single ACE component provides the best protection for your machine.

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