Industrial PCs for Edge Computing
Designed to enable IoT on factory floors
The MELIPC Series of industrial-use computers for data computing, edge computing and remote monitoring is designed to enable Internet of Things (IoT) on factory floors. 

With four initial models, the flagship MELIPC combines real-time equipment control and information processing in one solution.  All four models can be purchased standalone with Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 installed, or can be purchased together with software as a comprehensive MELIPC data solution.

  • MI1000 - Compact, low-cost for introducing IoT on the factory floor
  • MI2000 - Mid-range for wide range of system expansion
  • MI3000 - Contains touch screen LCD display and pre-installed software
  • MI5000 - Includes two operating systems, VxWorks® and Windows

Dorner D-Tool
Online tool for complete conveyor design
Design and engineer a simple or complex conveyors to meet your specific needs in minutes.  With D-Tools configurator you can construct a complete conveyor package or select individual components. This intuitive tool will walk you through every aspect of the conveyor from motor placement and belt type to accessory options.

Once you’ve completed your system, D-Tools will generate a comprehensive list of your components that you can receive via email. You can request a quote and select a variety of drawing options including 2D and 3D CAD assembly models.

Air Control Valve - Series LS04
Lightweight for robotic applications  
The AVENTICS LS04 miniature valve series have a valve body width of only 10mm. With the reduced size comes reduced weight, making them ideal for mounting on dynamic applications like robotic arms. The LS04 family of valves includes the inline XS model (extra small), and the inline AF models (all functions).

  • Compact, yet high performance
  • Light weight – suitable for dynamic applications
  • Integrated push-in connectors
  • Protective circuit with LED
  • Inline valves in 2 sizes, with either M8 or industrial 2 pin electrical connection
  • Quick switching times, down to 9 ms

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The Very Latest Rotating Nut Actuators
Ultra-high speed with long stroke
With the NSA Actuators , the linear slide movement is created by rotating a nut rather than the ball screw with a motor. Since the ball screw does not rotate, it is capable of high-speed even with a long stroke without being affected by resonance, thus shortening the cycle time.

  • Maximum Payloads: 35kg (200W), 80kg (400W), 120kg (750W)
  • Maximum Speed: 2500mm/s
  • Maximum Stroke: 2300mm
  • Battery-less Absolute Encoder

MPC Small Component Gripper
Price-attractive for simple applications
The pneumatically controlled SCHUNK MPC gripper offers an attractive price/performance ratio whilst at the same time ensuring excellent performance.

These basic grippers offer SCHUNK quality and are available in six sizes between 16 N and 270 N and maximum jaw strokes between 2.5 mm and 15 mm. Even the smallest size with a weight of only 50 g, allows handling of components weighing up to 80 g. At the top end of the size scale, part weights of up to 1.3 kg are possible.

Despite the entry level price, offers repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm.  

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