Manually Controlled Signal Towers
Helping maintain safe distances
Solve an immediate need of limiting the number of people within a defined space to enable proper social distancing.

Sun Automation offers manually operated solutions for managing customer access wile social distancing. With these systems, highly visible signal light status easily signal to people whether access can currently be granted.

Maintain distancing guidelines and a steady pace by using highly visible and easy-to-understand signaling. Install PATLITE's Manual Control Signal Towers either straight out of the box, or custom built. 

Ready-to-Install Personal Safety Guarding
Solving workplace social distancing challenges
Sun Automation can design and install customizable sneeze guards and partitions with permanent or temporary mounting options that can be used on a desk, counter, or table area to provide physical separation and help maintain social distancing.

To support facilities, we offer ready-to-install Privacy Screen and Room Divider Panels to support fast setups. Our shields / panels limit airborne droplets resulting from coughing, sneezing or speaking from reaching a nearby person, therefore helping to mitigate possible COVOD 19 infection.


  • Increased Protection
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Temporary or permanent mounting
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Access areas to pass goods and payments
  • Customizable size to fit any application

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ERT 250 Edge Roller Conveyors
Beltless zone control for pallet and tray handling
Dorner's new precision edge roller conveyors  provide efficient, non-contact zoning for medium & heavy load assembly automation applications. They feature a clean, open roller design and are ISO Class 4 approved for cleanrooms.

The ERT 250 is built for applications such as medical product and device manufacturing, assembly, and packaging, as well as medium-large heavy load assembly automation applications. Slip roller technology reduces the force by almost 75%, and the force to accumulate product with driven roller is less than that of belted conveyors.
  • Widths 120 mm to 960 mm wide
  • 38 mm diameter rollers on 50 mm centers
  • Loads up to 250 pounds per pallet or tray

  • Loads up to 15 pounds per roller
  • 150 mm minimum long tray
  • Speeds up to 30 m (100 feet) per minute
Smart Condition Monitoring Sensors
Vibration, temperature, humidity and pressure
The new multi-functional condition monitoring sensor BCM helps you avoid unplanned stops and faults and supports the efficient and trouble-free operation of the entire plant. This intelligent sensor provides condition information which you can use to plan maintenance and repairs and to automate cost-intensive manual inspections.

The sensor also plays a key role for IIoT as it allows for the states of machines, plants and the associated components to be recorded, processed and interpreted.

  • Multiple measurements in one device: vibration, temperature, relative humidity, ambient pressure
  • Integrated processing circuitry with configurable data preprocessing
  • Fast connection, and simple to incorporate using IO-Link.

That’s Cool
Electric Surfboards

Fly on the water with these Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards. The electronic surfboard is controlled with a wireless waterproof hand controller.

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