Aventics ES05 Essential Valve System
Simple, flexible and efficient
The ES05 is setting benchmarks for demand-based, custom-configurable valve systems. It was developed specifically to meet the requirements of standard pneumatics in industry automation. Simple, flexible and efficient – without any frills.

  • Easy to assemble modular concept
  • Provide flows up to 0.61Cv
  • Flexible electrical connectivity enables easy modifications and extensions
  • One-tool concept for simple assembly
  • AES field bus and IO-Link connectivity options

Pre-Engineered Robot Pedestals
Robust and cost-effective mounting solutions
Swivellink’s robust, well engineered robot pedestals offer welded construction and are fabricated utilizing 6 x 6 structural box tubing. They come in several heights starting at 24” to 48”, in 6” increments. Available robot adapter plates are designed to pair up with most robot brands (must fit 11” x 11” base).

  • Powder coat finish
  • Includes extruded aluminum rail for accessory mounting
  • Welded construction
  • Adapter plates sold separately

New IO-Link Mini Sensors
Small and smart for end effector part detection  
Balluff’s new IO-Link mini sensors are especially useful in robot part-detection applications where size constraints exist. These miniature sensors are lightweight, self-contained, and with high-performance background suppression, they can reliably detect objects with differing surfaces.

  • Easy and flexible configuration via IO-Link
  • Various mounting configurations for maximum adaptability
  • Simple setup, with vivid red indicator LED
  • Diagnostics and sensor information via IO-Link
  • Precise switching response

Recirculating Conveyor Tables
Keeps your product moving without slow or shut downs
When moving products down a manufacturing line, there may be places that experience backups and cause the entire line to slow or shut down. To avoid having to stop production or redirect product, a recirculating table can create a space to accumulate product and control the flow to the next process.

  • Move products into singular line
  • Accumulate products
  • Minimum back pressure minimizes product damage
  • Doesn’t require electronic controls

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