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580 Series Fieldbus Electronics
Creating pneumatic valve islands
Numatics 580 is an affordable electronics platform providing fieldbus network control for Numatics valve manifolds. The 580 series offers a compact, affordable fieldbus electronics platform With the its graphic display, it is easy to configure and commission the compact size makes it ideal in situations where space is limited.

The 580 IO-Link® communications node offers both event based as well as standard I/O mapped diagnostics and is compatible with distributed modular I/O. 

The 580 series EtherNet/IP nodes have been tested and approved for conformance by the ODVA. 

iQ-F Series Compact PLC
Making high performance affordable
The  iQ-F Series  is Mitsubishi Electric’s compact control platform. The FX5U model provides a cost effective solution that boasts ease of use, functionality, and high performance in a small panel footprint. Ideal for small to medium machines, the FX5U and FX5UC controllers enable faster decision making with access to real time data and improved machine accuracy and throughput. 

Built-in RS485 port to connect to serial devices and MODBUS support can connect up to 32 MODBUS devices such as PLCs, sensors and temperature controllers.

  • MODBUS and serial communications
  • Embedded Ethernet port
  • Built-in SD card slot
  • Large memory capacity
  • Embedded analog

IO-Link Hub with M8 Connectivity
Compact I/O modules with expansion port
Balluff's new family of M8 Expandable I/O hubs make it simple and easy to connect M8 devices directly to the I/O hubs. With M8 expandable I/O hubs, the 8 port IO-Link master can host up to 248 I/O points replacing the equivalent of 16 network I/O blocks. The M8 I/O hub portfolio boasts IP protection rated robust metal housing in a compact foot print.

These compact hubs save you around 30 % in hardware costs compared with traditional fieldbus devices.

  • Input module for 16 inputs and configurable I/O module with 16 inputs/outputs
  • M8 connectivity
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • For harsh conditions: rugged metal IP67 housing
  • Expansion port for connecting an additional IO-Link hub 

Eden Non-Contact Safety Sensors
Highest safety level for harsh environments
Eden is a non-contact safety sensor used as interlocking device for e.g. doors and safe position monitoring.

Eden consists of two parts: Adam and Eva. Adam senses the presence of Eva without mechanical contact and therefore without any wear. The compact size of Eden and its 360° mounting possibility make it easy to use in most applications.

Different models of Eden are available for different types of control modules. All Eden models make it very easy to reach PL e, often using fewer components than other solutions. All Eden models have an IP67/IP69K sealing.

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