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The SureCoat Roof System over Hypalon in Diamond Bar, California
South Coast Air Quality Management District



Severely Damaged Stucco Walls


The SureCoat Wall System

SureCoat Wall Systems - StrucSureCoat
The SureCoat Wall System



Single component SureCoat Roof


Residential Application of The SureCoat Roof System

S.W. Florida, USA


The SureCoat Wall System over residential exterior of home in Santa Ana, CA
Residential Application of The SureCoat Wall System Santa Ana, CA, USA





Welcome to the May 2011 issue of E-News from SureCoat Systems! We do our best to offer you and your business the BEST QUALITY products in this age of Green Building. Our cutting edge design in waterproofing exceeds the demands for sustainable products that exhibit the highest energy saving values and are completely environmentally friendly. The products of SureCoat Systems are a perfect fit for the contractor that is trying to grow their business in today's economy. Finally a roofing system that can meet all the needs of today's contractor, property manager, architect and roofing consultant!




Grow your Business in 2011 with SureCoat Systems 

Clean it, Repair it, Prove it Works, Gain More Business!

Clean it! Repair it! Prove it Works! It is these

three steps that have gained business for 

SureCoat Systems' contractors throughout the United States. If you are looking to increase your revenue in this tough economy, SureCoat Systems can help!


Never before could repairs and patches be the beginning of a new roof system for your customer. Use SureCoat to seal penetrations, repair drain and scupper areas, recondition waterways and ponding areas, even seal skylights, HVAC ducts and plenums. Repairs made using The SureCoat Roof System can be integrated into a fully warranted system, one piece at a time, as your customer's budget allows for it. By using SureCoat's single component, Pond-Proof coating, your customer's repair dollars are not wasted. 


Most suppliers of coatings and restorative products do not offer performance warranties because the properties of their products do not last. SureCoat Systems is different. The confidence we have in our products is supported with real performance warranties that your customer can view up front. No other company does that, except for SureCoat Systems. 

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If you receive a service call for multiple roof leaks, chances are that the building owner has already begun to get together a budget for the necessary new roof. The problem is that many times it may take a while for all the funds to become available. Your customer will be impressed to know that you use a product that works as part of a complete reconditioning system, one roof leak at a time. Now you can give your customer an alternative to re-roofing, leaving them with a Better than New Roof! As they see that your repairs really last they will come back to you to have their entire roof project completed and for all the other leak repairs in the meantime. All you have to do is prove that your repairs are their solution!


We can help! Far too often the contractor does not get the support he needs up front. Beyond taking your order and giving you a price, most suppliers cannot assist you. SureCoat Systems has a different philosophy; we believe that by offering products that perform with the best warranty in the business and by helping you learn to use them, we grow together. Whether you are a contractor that has used other restoration coating systems before and are looking for better products to offer your customers or a contractor just moving into sustainable green building, our experienced staff can get you everything you need. Read More   


SureCoat Systems, where every product is

Engineered for Excellence!




This month's project of the month is awarded for the El Dorado School District's SureCoat roof project.


Roofing Consultant:  DC Consulting

General Contractor:  Carter Kelly Construction

Subcontractor:          D7 Construction

El Dorado School District 

SureCoat Roof System in light tan color over metal roofs at Oak Ridge High School

Best use of Bond Money! 

DC Consulting and El Dorado School District choose a SureCoat Roof System to provide cool roofs with a renewable warranty over their 14 metal buildings located at Oak Ridge High School. The SureCoat Roof System was installed in their own chosen color (not bright white) over various types of metal roofs. This was very important to the school district as the mountain community did not like the glare of the original white roofs and supported changing the color with the new modernization project. SureCoat was the solution that this school was looking for to achieve the energy savings and cool roof properties they desired in a colored roof coating.


Doug Hamilton at DC Consulting states that he wishes he had known about SureCoat sooner, as his clients have experienced several different failures with other coating products. The most recent being a several thousand dollar trial test over one metal roof with a 'high quality" colored roof coating prior to the application of The SureCoat Roof System. Although the coating had a warranty of one year, not long at all, it failed completely by chipping, cracking and peeling after only 10 months...SureCoat is a top-of-the-line hybrid coating that retains its quality and displays its performance when put to the test! 

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