April 6, 2016
Renowned as a global leader in the gaming industry, Blue Planet Founder and Chairman Henk Rogers, Facebook post shows his support for TMT and astronomy in Hawaii.

TMT, should it happen or should it not?

If it does, Hawaii and the children of Hawaii, will play a prominent part in the future of astronomy and the celestial navigation that brought the ancestors of Hawaiian people here.

If it doesn't we will have given a possible future for Hawaii away to Chile who welcome astronomy with open arms.

Make no mistake about it, we lose TMT, we lose astronomy.

We lose space exploration.
We lose aeronautics.
We lose robotics.
We lose the tech sector.
We are going to be losers.
Worse than that, our children will be losers.
Our state will be losers.

TMT must happen. Make no mistake about it.

The Thirty Meter Telescope Project has been developed as collaboration among Caltech, UC, the Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy (ACURA), and the national institutes of Japan, China, and India with the goal to design, develop, construct, and operate a thirty-meter class telescope and observatory on Mauna Kea in cooperation with the University of Hawaii (TMT Project). The TMT International Observatory LLC (TIO), a non-profit organization, was established in May 2014 to carry out the construction and operation phases of the TMT Project. The Members of TIO are Caltech, UC, the National Institutes of Natural Sciences of Japan, the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Department of Science and Technology of India, and the National Research Council (Canada); the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) is a TIO Associate. Major funding has been provided by the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation.

For more information about the TMT project, visit tmt.org, www.facebook.com/TMTHawaii or follow @TMTHawaii.
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation believes in bold ideas that create enduring impact in the areas of environmental conservation, patient care and science. Intel co-founder Gordon and his wife Betty established the foundation to create positive change around the world and at home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our environmental conservation efforts promote sustainability, protect critical ecological systems and align conservation needs with human development. Patient care focuses on eliminating preventable harms and unnecessary health care costs by meaningfully engaging patients and their families in a supportive, redesigned health care system. And science looks for opportunities to transform-or even create-entire fields by investing in early-stage research, emerging fields and top research scientists. Visit us at moore.org or follow us @moorefound


Sandra Dawson

TMT Manager, Hawaii Community Affairs