December 2, 2021 | 11:00am – 12:15pm CT

Greater investments and focus on primary care can achieve the Quadruple Aim to enhance patient experience, improve population health, reduce costs, and improve the work life of health care providers. Learn strategies that have been successful in prioritizing primary care and practical approaches to move the needle in Texas from TPCC and Milbank Memorial Fund in this webinar. 
Sue Bornstein, MD, FACP recently received the 2021 Primary Care Collaborative Primary Care Community Leadership/Research Award! A well-deserved award recognizing Dr. Bornstein’s excellence in providing high-value primary care and shaping the policies that support such care. 

The 2021 TPCC Summit was not only a virtual convening for people who want to improve health and health care, but also a collaborative gathering that served as a learning lab and catalyst for primary care transformation. With 38 speakers, including Bechara Choucair, MD; Michael Darrouzet; Emily Zalkovsky; John T. Carlo, MD, MS; and many other state and national leaders, across 22 sessions the summit provided attendees a more comprehensive understanding of today's health care challenges, best practices, lessons learned, and available resources.
Primary Care Resources

A clinical decision support tool for psychopharmacology intended to be used in communities where the mental health need has outpaced psychiatric specialty resources.

A new report outlining the most recent supply and demand projections and other factors such as COVID-19, shift in healthcare delivery, and payment models.

A new guide providing physicians, health care workers, and others a valuable foundational toolkit for advancing health equity.

A webinar reviewing the recently released National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine report on implementing high-quality primary care and rebuilding the foundation of health care in the US.

An article highlighting the need for state public health departments to collaborate with primary care practices to improve vaccination rates and build patient trust.
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