Event Action Redesign

We're excited to announce the redesigned Event Actions web app with a touch-friendly responsive design for mobile and desktop environments, enabling calendar visitors to save and manage the events they care about.

This major enhancement covers all areas of calendar visitor interaction including event actions, event registration, calendar subscriptions and event submission.

Visitors can sign in using Facebook, Google, Windows Live or Single Sign On accounts and see a personalized list of events they have interacted with or submitted.

Customers that opened an account after July 28th, 2015 will have the feature enabled automatically. Existing customers can customize and preview the feature before enabling.
The 4 videos below provide an overview of the new features and the upgrade process.
For full details, see the following Help Topic.

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Attendee Check-In Form

A new Event Attendees  page lets event organizers view and check in attendees that have registered for events. 
Built into the New Event Actions, this screen is mobile responsive so you can use it on your smart phone or tablet at the event.
Organizers assigned to an event can be a Trumba account holder or anyone with a Facebook, Google, or Windows Live account.  For more information, see the help topic  Set up check in.
Calendar Email Enhancement

Event editors can now send 3 months  of events in their calendar emails.   A new "quarter" option has been added to the calendar email settings. For more information, see the help topic   Send Events By Email.

Customer Spotlight - UC Davis

Take a look at how UC Davis has used many of Trumba's features to enrich the user experience.

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