Team Finch Consultants
March 2016
Where is Jennifer  
Headed Next?

Great Girls Deserve Great Schools Symposium at Burke's

On March 9, 2016, Jennifer will be the keynote speaker at the Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco. She will present "Beyond Tomboys, Sissies and 'That's So Gay': New Ways to Think About Gender and Sexuality in PreK-12 Education,"  This conversation will focus on new ways of thinking outside the (gender) box, and on how to help students explore a range of possibilities and interests.  For more information, click here.  

ISASW Gender and Sexuality Diversity Seminars

Jennifer will offer two day-long workshops in Austin for the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest geared toward preK-5 and 6-12 faculty, respectively, on April 18-19, 2016.  Each workshop is aimed at incorporating developmentally appropriate practice into pedagogy. For registration information, click here

What's New at TFC?
We are developing a new page on the TFC website called In Their Own Words. Students, teachers, parents, administrators all have unique GSD stories to tell. Please consider sharing yours!

White Paper

Jennifer Bryan's latest paper, Beyond Tomboys, Sissies, and  'That's So Gay': New Ways To Think About Gender and Sexuality In PreK-12 Education
 includes a Call To Action for all PreK-12 educators. 

Research Project

Get an overview of the Team Finch Research Project in this brief video.  An Executive Summary of the study is forthcoming. (watch now!)

Interested in having Jennifer work with your school?

Jennifer offers school consultations, professional development seminars, student programs, and parent education. To inquire about the possibility of Jennifer working with your school community or speaking at an event, contact her here.

Dear Team Finch Community,

If you are looking for an inspiration, meet Alba Clark, a 7th grade student who translated my children's book, The Different Dragon, into Spanish as a special project. Reading together at her school assembly last month was a career highlight! Thanks to Shore Country Day for sponsoring and videotaping the event.

Being interviewed by Jeremy LaCasse, Dean of Faculty at the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute, about the connections between Gender and Sexuality Diversity and developing student leadership was a real treat. Nothing like a couple of not-finished-yet! educators searching for answers (and questions) together.

That's what's happening on this end. What's happening on yours? Send me an email and let me know.


Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D.
The Story behind El Dragón Diferente
When 7th grader Alba Clark expressed an interest in translation, her Spanish teacher, Pamela Torres, handed her a copy of  The Different Dragon. This passionate teacher and her motivated student worked closely together, delving into the essence of language and searching for words to honor the intention of the original story. Because of their efforts Two Lives Publishing is proud to bring you  El Dragón Diferent.  Read more about Alba's story....

Watch the video of Alba and Jennifer's Shore Country Day School reading of El Dragón Diferente here!
The Edge: An Interview with Jennifer Bryan 

The past d ecade has revealed a need for greater understanding of the complexi ty of ourselves and our students. We must work to insure the development of empathy and understanding amongst the many differences embodied in all of us...and foster the creativity and i nsight that evolves from t he novelty of interacting within the diverse communities that define our world....Dr. Jennifer Bryan has spent her career helping teachers develop the awareness of their students so essential to teaching leadership.
Jennifer's Conversation with GCLI
Jennifer's Conversation with GCLI

A note from Two Lives Publishing:
"When we first started Two Lives Publishing in 1999, we wanted to publish books that depicted LGBTQ-headed families in a natural way, without pointed messages.  When Jennifer Bryan sent us her wonderful story The Different Dragon, we were delighted! It was exactly the kind of book we wanted to share with the world.  It quickly became our bestselling title, and so we were thrilled when Jennifer shared Alba's translation with us. Making the story available in Spanish means it will reach even more readers." 
- Bobbie Combs, co-founder of Two Lives Press