Team Finch Consultants
November 2016

Where's Jennifer  
Headed Next? 


In November, Jennifer heads to Edina, Minnesota to present to their  Parent Communication Network--a public school advocacy group that brings important issues to parents and educators. Her address, "Stereotypes and Healthy Gender Identity,"  is being co-sponsored by  The Blake School, an independent K-12 school that is deeply committed to social justice, equity and community engagement.
Springfield, Pennsylvania
On January 17, 2017 Jennifer will participate in "Beyond the Binary: Exploring Gender Identity & Sexuality in Independent Schools a conference offered by the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools. The program will also feature Alexandra Scott and Dr. Linda Hawkins. 
What's Jennifer
working on? 
New Article in Independent School  

Many thanks to Michael Brosnan, the wise and thoughtful editor of
Independent School magazine, for his vision and support over the years. In the Winter 2017 issue you wil l find Jennifer's latest article,
" Embracing Gender and Sexuality Diversity: A Paradigm Shift That Can Help Students Thrive and Schools Succeed" 
Interested in having Jennifer work with your school or organization? 

Jennifer offers school consultations, professional development seminars, student programs, and parent education. To inquire about the possibility of Jennifer working with your school community or speaking at an event, contact her here.

Dear Colleagues,

I'm grateful to have partnered with several skillful, inspired consultants in 2016, exploring women's leadership, group dynamics, sexuality education, and much more. Please consider participating in one of these upcoming programs; you will find them dynamic, relevant, and inspiring!    
The Stone Soup Seminar is a new offer from TFC. I am a big believer in the special sauce of small group work. Join me to see what's possible when we build an intentional learning community, virtually and verily. 


Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D.
Jennifer at Wonder Women
What a thrill to be part of the Leadership + Design team behind WONDER WOMEN, a lively, deep, playful, empowering and practical learning opportunity for aspiring women leaders in Education. Join us in Palo Alto at the Castilleja School in July for WW2017.
 Educational Directions

Last Spring Jennifer worked with  The Madeira School in Virginia. Head of School, Pilar Cabeza de Vaca invited Jennifer to provide Gender and Sexuality Diversity education to the Board of Trustees. Pilar's grounded and open approach to the complex issue of gender diversity in an all girls' school has been inspiring, and Jennifer had the pleasure of collaborating with Jane and Jim Hulburt of The Jane Group in working with the Board. The Huburt's focused on communication in relation to shifting social and legal issues related to gender in schools. It was a 
timely, informative and thought-provoking session with important learning all around!

Look for a collaborative article by Pilar, Jane and Jennifer  in the next issue of Educational Directions Incorporated's Trustee Letter  .

NAIS Annual Conference
(Pre-conference workshop with Catherine Steiner Adair)
Many high school graduates lack the emotional, relational, and critical skills they need to form healthy intimate relationships. The epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses is one measure of their failure to acquire those skills. Preparing middle and high  school student for  w ork and love  requires new ways of thinking  about social-emotional learning (SEL)   . Jennifer and Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair will offer a pre-conference workshop at NAIS Annual Conference March 2017. Join them for a deep dive into how to rethink SEL and consider the role of gender equality 
edu cation in promoting positive academic and  social outcomes for students.   

Jennifer and  Debbie Roffman will be facilitating their popular 3-day conference at Mohonk Mountain House, "Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: Educating Students, Supporting Families, and Creating Safer School Communities."   Registration Information here.

Stone Soup is the classic tale of strangers coming together to create a nourishing feast. What if a group of educators from across the country could come together regularly to create a feast of ideas and imaginings? To sow seeds of connection? To foster dialogue that nourishes themselves as well as their school communities?  Stone Soup does exactly that.

If you or a PreK-12 educator you know are interested in exploring professional identity, growth and goals,