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April 2015
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Jeff Olsen, Tembua's VP of International Business, recently attended the Worthington Bio Conference a little closer to home in Worthington, MN. 



Jeff will be attending the 2015 BIO International Convention, located in Philadelphia this year, June 15-18.  If you're in the Philly area or attending the convention, make sure to say hi!





Employee Spotlight


Lois, Tembua's Ops Manager, manages the handbell choir at her church and enjoys playing the organ. She also enters congregational music into a specialized software program and adjusts it as needed. 




"The smaller our world becomes, the more important it is that we understand each other."

--Patricia May, CEO & President of Tembua

[languages are] systems of consciousness that connect us to the planet in a way that is unique."   


--Bob Holman, poet and radio host.  


Do you have the Choctaw fonts installed?

I overheard our Senior Project Manager ask our DTP specialist this, and it was an unusual sentence to overhear, even at a language services company. I had been reading about dying languages and wandered into the PM office to ask about it.


Choctaw is a Native American language, now spoken by roughly 7,000 people in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. In recent years, insurance companies have been compelled by law to provide their benefits information in any language that makes up 5% of their service area. Tembua translates a significant volume each year for the insurance industry, sometimes into languages as diverse as Somali and Navajo.


I had studied the Dakota language during my undergrad years but knew little about Choctaw.


Our PM told me that when our client first reached out for Choctaw, she was a bit hesitant. Tembua hadn't handled Choctaw before, and because quality is our primary operational objective, assigning the translation to someone who had just a passing interest in the language wasn't an option. But after 22 years in business, our networking in the language community is rich and deep and our lists are long.


One of our working teams referred us to a group in Oklahoma, where we made the acquaintance of a skilled linguist who had taught the Choctaw language for years as part of a team to revive the language. Her contributions include work on a Choctaw dictionary and evening classes for children.


To read more, click here Choctaw fonts


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