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Choosing a Translation Provider
January 2016  
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Choosing a translation provider
Tembua to provide remote ASL interpreting.
Fun things:

Computer-assisted translation, computer-aided translation or CAT is a form of language translation in which a human translator uses computer software to support and facilitate the translation process.
Computer-assisted translation is sometimes called machine-assisted, or machine-aided, translation (not to be confused with machine translation).


Tembua News:

Tembua is currently in the process of interviewing potential  project managers to help continue the quick response and uninterrupted flow of services to our clients.  We are hoping to be able to welcome an additional project manager to our company by next month.

"The smaller our world becomes, the more important it is that we understand each other."

--Patricia May, CEO & President of Tembua

Often, the idea that there can be a wide range of translations of one text doesn't occur to people - or that a translation could be bad, very bad, and unfaithful to the original.

----Lydia Davis
   Choosing a translation provider

Today, content is being created much faster than all the professional translators in the world could ever hope to handle. The translation consumer is learning that there are many different ways of getting their work done. My goal is to educate so that our clients can make informed choices.

Translation providers can be as simple as free online services and as complex as highly skilled, experienced teams of translators, revisers, proofreaders, and subject matter experts, all trained not only in the languages into which they work but also in the topics they handle. 

This month I'll write about using free online translation programs, bilingual employees and independent resources. Next month I'll discuss full service translation agencies.

Free online translation programs

Obviously, these are the least expensive. Google is the best known, but others include Babylon.com and Worldlingo.com.

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Tembua to provide remote ASL interpreting

American Sign Language interpreters are in high demand. Often a meeting planner or group organizer doesn't realize until the last minute that one of the participants is deaf or hard of hearing.

In some cases Tembua provides personal equipment to amplify the sound for those individuals. In other cases, a trained and qualified sign language interpreter is required.
Video remote interpreting (VRI) can be provided over secure high-speed internet connections.  A computer and webcam are used so that both participants see each other clearly.
There are situations where a remote interpreter is not recommended.  These can include complex legal discussions and medical matters.  Where used, VRI is cost effective because the normal 2-hour minimum charge does not apply.
Please contact Tembua for more information!   info@tembua.com  

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