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Solar Products & Savings Potential
for Farms, Orchards & Wineries

There's never been a better time for the agricultural industry to incorporate renewable energy. With innovative products and customized options for heating and electricity use, we can help you save money and energy while decreasing your carbon footprint for years to come.


As utility costs continue to rise, family owned and operated businesses looking for long-term savings can gain over 25 years of fixed energy with a renewable energy system.


Solar PV (electric) costs less than ever, with prices over the last few years dropping from $12 per watt to $5, fully installed. There are many options available for highly visible marketing opportunities, including solar awnings and shade structures that give the ability to create shade spaces in a functional way (by creating electricity).


Solar hot water and geoexchange heating systems can be used for livestock barns and greenhouses. Solar Pumps are currently being used by a number of orchards in BC, while energy monitors can help you gain control of your electrical loads and provide insight into upgrade decisions.


For more information our toll free number is: 1-877-335-1415, email: info@terratek.ca

Basic energy monitors make great giftsEnergy Monitors 
Whether you want to track the efficiency of a solar energy system, or just interested in the total energy your home or business consumes, an energy monitor will meet your needs.
Many monitors also provide web-based interfaces and displays, along with phone apps, allowing you to track your energy performance from anywhere, at any time. 
Energy monitors play an important role in reducing energy consumption, the increased awareness alone has been shown to cause reductions of up to 20% or more!
Solar PV array About Us
We specialize in solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind and geoexchange systems, offering a complete range of services from design and consulting to installation and integration. We've worked with 100s of homeowners, over 30 schools, and a multitude of commercial municipal clients.
We'll find the technology best suited for your needs and ensure maximized savings while helping to place  you at the forefront environmental change.
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Top 40 Under 40
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The Hua's of Hazelmere Farm in Courtenay, BC
Growing Solar: 
Over the last 13 years the Hua family has cultivated a thriving, certified-organic produce farm, in the Comox Valley, growing a mixture of fruits and vegetables and specializing in Asian greens.
Two years ago, they made the choice to install solar hot water and solar PV to offset their water usage and electricity.

"We want to use green energy," says Lijen. "I think, with the issue of global warming, everyone should."



 Sustainable Greenhouses    

Geo Greenhouses:

You can take your greenhouse to the next level and show it off with solar or geoexchange supplementary heating systems.


A geoexchange system can capture the heat from the ground or use a water-to-air heat exchanger for transfer to plant beds. 



Dankoff Solar   

Solar Pumps:

These water solutions are solar powered and independent of any infrastructure, energy grid, or unsustainable power source.


Terratek deals with Dankoff Solar Pumps for irrigation systems providing these to a number of BC orchards.


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