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May 26 - July 14 - ONLINE
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Hello subscribers!

It's been a busy month here at the world headquarters of The Conference on Death, Grief and Belief. I've added a few new offerings to the conference, recorded several new Ask Doctor Death interivews, and I've been swamped getting ready to teach summer classes and starting a second PRN hospice job. At the age when most people are retiring (I turned 69 in January), I'm working more than ever.

There's lots of great content in this issue, with a special focus on deconstructing Easter and Passover mythology. Enjoy!

Special greetings to the folks from the Lake Oswego Senior Center workshop this week!

Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy, Bereavement and Trauma Support

Separating Myth From Meaning on Passover
The Jewish holiday of Passover starts on April 15, (and as always, is followed by Easter, which is covered in the next article). For this month's episode of our Ask Doctor Death podcast, we've interviewed Joshua Bowen, a scholar who specializes in ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, and Hebrew languages and holds a Ph.D. in Assyriology and a minor in Hebrew Bible.

In this interview, Joshua educates us about the ancient texts that pre-date the Hebrew bible and provided the myths and stories upon which biblical narratives were built. We talk specifically about the Exodus story, and the methods used by scholars to determine what is historically accurate and what is not. For anybody interested in religious history, or even in religious devotion, this conversation can help you separate the myth from the meaning. If you celebrate Passover and would like to serve some scholarship with your seder, listen to the interview HERE.
What do Bunnies and Eggs Have to do
with the Ressurection of Jesus?
Spring is all about the “resurrection” of life in the natural world. Plants come alive, animals give birth, and everything awakens to the light after the darkness of winter. This year, consider stripping away the religious narrative and celebrating spring as a personal rebirth ritual. What would you like to heal, release or create in the coming year?

Here are a few fun Easter facts, and some excellent biblical scholarship from our friend John Shelby Spong. READ MORE...
Psilocybin: The Future of End of Life Care?
For those of us who grew up in the '60s and '70s, psychedelics may seem like an ancient relic. But thanks to the work of dedicated researchers,psychedelics are once again in the spotlight, this time as powerful agents for healing depression, PTSD and other soul-crushing conditions. READ MORE
Rituals for End of Life, Death and Bereavement
I'm thrilled to have been part of the Dalai Lama's TIBET HOUSE conference on The Art of Dying and Living last month. If you missed it, the entire webinat is availalabe for purchsae HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ENROLL NOW button).

If you'd like to see just my presentation on rituals for end-of-life, death and bereavement, you can click on this video and watch it for free!
Spirituality and Bereavement Course Offered
12 CE Credits and a 50% Discount on Tuition!
When facing a profound a loss of any kind, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, pet loss or loss of health, we cannot separate psychology from spirituality. Regardless of one’s belief system, spiritual outlook or concept of God, loss and grief almost always triggers existential questions, because searching for meaning is an intrinsic part of the grieving process.

In this eight-week course you'll learn about contemporary grief theory, multi-cultural approaches to death and grief, rituals for healing, and many practical tools for navigating loss, trauma and bereavement. And you'll get 12 continuing education credits (plus a 50% discount on tuition if you register early!). DETAILS HERE
Personal Rituals for Loss, Trauma and Transition
For those interested in pursuing certification in grief counseling through Robert Neimeyer's PORTLAND INSTITUTE FOR LOSS AND TRANSITION, will benefit greatly from an upcoming course on "Creative Personal Rituals for Loss, Trauma & Transition." The course is offered twice, so you can choose the date that is most convenient for you. DETAILS HERE


There are Now Two Opportunities
to Earn CE Credits at the Conference

We've just arranged to offer five CE credit hours for the general conference presentations on Saturday, July 16, in addition to the six CE hours for the pre-conference workshop on Friday. You'll find all the details on our conference registration page.

To learn more about our continuting education credits for nurses, social workers, counselors and more, click HERE.
Post-Conference Excursion to the Beautiful
Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls! 
When the conference ends on Sunday, the fun will continue!

We'll begin with a luxury bus tour through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, and after taking in the spectacular scenery, we'll arrive at the legendary Multnomah Falls Lodge, where we can take a short walk up to the falls before feasting on a fabulous dinner. DETAILS HERE
Private Counseling with Conference Presenters
Several of our presenters who are professional counselors will be offering private sessions during the conference weekend. Please see below for descriptions of their offerings, and contact them directly for scheduling and payments. DETAILS HERE
Do You Have Products or Services to Promote?
Exhbit at the Conference!
At this year's conference we are offering several different options for exhibiting your products or services. If you're planning to attend in person, you can get a table in our exhibit hall. If you can't be there live, we are offering "virtual visiting hours," which allows you to set up a Zoom room where you can meet and chat with attendees. If you're interested, please fill out our Exhibitor Profile, and we'll get in touch with you to work out the details.
Six CE Credit Hours Available
A Full-Day, Pre-Conference Workshop Facilitated by
Two of the Leading Voices in Contemporary Grief Research
Yellow heart made of flower petals on dark background with space for text_ heart shape_ the concept of mourning_ grief or sorrow.
World-renowned grief experts Robert Neimeyer PhD and Carolyn Ng PsyD will be facilitating an in-depth workshop on Loss and the Quest for Meaning: From Complicated Spiritual Grief to Personal Reconstruction that will be of particular interest to bereaved individuals as well as bereavement professionals (six CE credit hours available).

This interactive, experiential event will explore the practical implications of a "meaning reconstruction" approach to grief, whether the loss is related to a death or to a non-death event such as the loss of health, relationships, meaningful work, social connections or life-defining roles.

The workshop introduces a rich selection of practical tools and techniques, including arts-assisted methods, reflective exercises, interactive group work and symbolic visualization that can ultimately help restore a sense of coherence and meaning in the aftermath of loss.
AV Tech/Zoom Genius Wanted - Paid Position!
Although we will be working with the in-house AV people at the conference hotel, we are seeking additional AV support. This is a PAID position for someone who is a super-expert with Zoom, and can also function as a liaison with the hotel crew. Please contact us at office@deathgriefandbelief or 971-236-1541 if you're interested. Must have professional references.
Volunteers Needed
We're looking for a few good volunteers!

There are several different tasks that volunteers can help with, from advance conference planning to administration and tech support at the live conference. If you're interested, please fill out THIS ONLINE APPLICATION.
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