Issue # 89 - May 2022

May 13 - ONLINE
with Robert Neimeyer PhD


May 29 - Astoria, OR. - LIVE
Making Peace with End-of-Life
 Pacific Unitarian Communitiy
Call for details (503) 325-5225


May 14 - ONLINE
The Monroe Institute
with Wiliam Buhlman

June 5 - 11 - PERU
with Shamanic Practitioner
Linda Fitch


JUNE 12 - Bend OR. - LIVE
Making Peace with End-of-Life
Unity Community of Central Oregon
Call for details: (541) 388-1569


June 13 - London, UK - LIVE!
with Dr. Gabor Mate

Hello friends!

Those who've been subscribers to this newsletter over years have by now noticed that we are evolving, and we've changed the focus and direction of our annual conference. We can't be all things to all people, but we're striving to be a lot of things to a lot of people, addressing views across the spiritual spectrum that support recovery from religious trauma and toxic theology.

We hope you will consider attending the conference this year, and because we understand that prices are high and money is tight right now, we're offering a $25 discount on general conference admission.Thankfully, we signed our contract with the hotel back in September, so we are locked in at pre-inflation prices (whew!). Hopefully the discount will help make attendance more managable for you (use discount code GEN25 when registering for the general admission ticket).

Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy, Bereavement and Trauma Support

The Conference is Just Around the Corner!
Portland, OR - July 15-17
This year's roster features experts from all over the world,
offering a variety of perspectives on death, grief and belief
across the spiritual, social and psychological spectrum.

The live conference ticket includes two cocktail parties
plus lunch and dinner on Saturday.
If you can't attend in person,
you can purchse the conference recordings for only $99
All the details can be found HERE

Use the discount code GEN25 on our registration page
to save $25 on the general admission ticket!


What Happens When we Don't Die?
Since the beginning of human thought, we have pondered the great metaphysical question, "What happens when we die?" But now, thanks to modern medical technology, a new question has emerged that has practical, down-to-earth implications... "What happens when we don't die?" LISTEN HERE
Why Near-Death Experiences are Not Hallucinations
A multidisciplinary team of international leaders led by Sam Parnia, MD, PhD, director of Critical Care and Resuscitation Research at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, have published “Guidelines and Standards for the Study of Death and Recalled Experiences of Death,” a multi-disciplinary consensus statement and proposed future directions in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. This study, which examined the accumulated scientific evidence to date, represents the first-ever, peer-reviewed consensus statement for the scientific study of recalled experiences surrounding death. READ MORE...
To Infinity and Beyond
While we're on the subject of near-death experiences, meet Peter Panagore, who has an extraordinary story of dying on a mountaintop while ice climbing and waking up with detailed memories of being in a non-physical dimension. He describes the exact process of dying and what he perceived in the non-physical state commonly known as death. LISTEN HERE

Peter now hosts Not Church: Mysticism. No Doctrine. No Dogma on his YouTube Channel, where he deconstructs The Bible in light of his near-death experiences. He will also be one of the presenters at our upcoming Conference on Death, Grief and Belief.
Power vs. Empowerment in Religion
Illustration by Sophia Clendenen
Among clergy and sociologists, film directors and songwriters it’s become practically a matter of cliché that Americans are searching for wholehearted belonging and not finding their needs met — this is the phenomenon, in short, behind the phrase “spiritual but not religious.”

These Americans are setting out on an open-ended quest, on their own or with trusted friends, to find meaning. More than a third have changed their religion of record in search of what they could not find in their faith of origin. Others are finding their way to humanist communities where they study, reflect and find fellowship in modes not dissimilar to those of churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.

The failure in American religion is not of a failure of faith, however, but of institutions. It results from a growing mismatch between the needs of modern Americans and the religious organizations intended to serve them. Now, even as those institutions falter, new centers of spirituality and community are attracting those who have fallen away from their houses of worship. READ MORE...
New Facebook Group for "Outside the Box" Chaplains
If you are a professional chaplain or spiritual care provider who does not identify with the theologies of the Abrahamic trilogy and the conventional chaplaincy model, but are committed to providing competent, inclusive pastoral care, please consider joining our new Facebook group, CHAPLAINS OUTSIDE THE BOX. Find us HERE.
Grief Camps for Kids
With Summer coming and Covid (hopefully) on the decline, hospices across the country and the world will be re-opening their bereavement camps for children. If you would like to help grieving children, please consider volunteering at one of these camps. Simply search for "childrens grief camps" on Google to find one in yoru area. For an idea of what it's like and how it helps, watch THIS VIDEO (you'll have to sit thorugh a short commercial first).


Experience Sacred Plant Medicine in Peru
June 5 - 11
Used for more than 3,000 years by the indigenous shaman of the coastal and mountain regions of Peru and Ecuador, Huachuma ("Grandfather Plant") is revered for its ability to help open the doors of perception and to release barriers and limitations.

Linda Fitch has led spiritual trips to Peru for more than 20 years. Her passion is to create a sacred journey for you to connect to the land, its sacred waters and its holy mountains. You will be held, nurtured and loved as you are held in sacred space to experience the heart of the mysterious and the deep sacredness of the Jungle, Mount Salkantay or Northern Peru. DETAILS HERE


The Atheist After-Party
Apostates, idolators, fornicators and infidels welcome!
Even if you can't attend the conference, if you're a fan of Atheist podcasts, you'll want to drop in for this FREE event after conference events conclude on Saturday July16 to meet some of your podcast heroes.

Our guests of honor will be conference keynote speakers Seth Andrews from The Thinking Atheist, and Frank & Dan from Thank God I'm Atheist. We've set up a special web page where you can RSVP, and it also offers options to attend their individual keynotes or the full conference. DETAILS HERE.
Two Opportunities
to Earn CE Credits at the Conference

We've just arranged to offer five CE credit hours for the general conference presentations on Saturday, July 16, in addition to the six CE hours for the pre-conference workshop on Friday. You'll find all the details on our conference registration page.

To learn more about our continuting education credits for nurses, social workers, counselors and more, click HERE.
Post-Conference Excursion to the Beautiful
Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls! 
When the conference ends on Sunday, the fun will continue!

We'll begin with a luxury bus tour through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, and after taking in the spectacular scenery, we'll arrive at the legendary Multnomah Falls Lodge, where we can take a short walk up to the falls before feasting on a fabulous dinner. DETAILS HERE
Private Counseling with Conference Presenters
Several of our presenters who are professional counselors will be offering private sessions during the conference weekend. Please see below for descriptions of their offerings, and contact them directly for scheduling and payments. DETAILS HERE
Do You Have Products or Services to Promote?
Exhbit at the Conference!
At this year's conference we are offering several different options for exhibiting your products or services. If you're planning to attend in person, you can get a table in our exhibit hall. If you can't be there live, we are offering "virtual visiting hours," which allows you to set up a Zoom room where you can meet and chat with attendees. If you're interested, please fill out our Exhibitor Profile, and we'll get in touch with you to work out the details.
Six CE Credit Hours Available
A Full-Day, Pre-Conference Workshop Facilitated by
Two of the Leading Voices in Contemporary Grief Research
Yellow heart made of flower petals on dark background with space for text_ heart shape_ the concept of mourning_ grief or sorrow.
World-renowned grief experts Robert Neimeyer PhD and Carolyn Ng PsyD will be facilitating an in-depth workshop on Loss and the Quest for Meaning: From Complicated Spiritual Grief to Personal Reconstruction that will be of particular interest to bereaved individuals as well as bereavement professionals (six CE credit hours available).

This interactive, experiential event will explore the practical implications of a "meaning reconstruction" approach to grief, whether the loss is related to a death or to a non-death event such as the loss of health, relationships, meaningful work, social connections or life-defining roles.

The workshop introduces a rich selection of practical tools and techniques, including arts-assisted methods, reflective exercises, interactive group work and symbolic visualization that can ultimately help restore a sense of coherence and meaning in the aftermath of loss.
AV Tech/Zoom Genius Wanted - Paid Position!
Although we will be working with the in-house AV people at the conference hotel, we are seeking additional AV support. This is a PAID position for someone who is a super expert with Zoom, and can also function as a liaison with the hotel crew. Please contact us at office@deathgriefandbelief or 971-236-1541 if you're interested. Must have professional references.
Volunteers Needed
We're looking for a few good volunteers!

There are several different tasks that volunteers can help with, from advance conference planning to administration and tech support at the live conference. If you're interested, please fill out THIS ONLINE APPLICATION.
Join the conversation in our
Death, Grief and Belief Facebook Group

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