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> Dysphagia FEES training  


Dr Eric Blicker MA CCC-SLP.D BCS-S is offering two great opportunities for  Dysphagia FEES training:

1. Tamarac, Florida  March 7-8, 2015
2. Totowa, New Jersey July 24-25, 2015

Each is 15.5 hours of training.
Each two day course $350.00 total. Price includes: the live course, hands on training, signed letter of course completion, 1.5 ASHA CEU, course certificate, two free recorded dysphagia self study courses on-line, and a flash drive with live course content, ongoing support via email post course with any questions or assistance needed.

Dr Eric Blicker MA CCC-SLP.D BCS-S, the  founder of the website - http://ceualliedhealth.com, has extensive experience with web-based teaching and presenting live continuing education seminars.

Please contact ceucustomercare@gmail.com if interested. FEES experience is not required to take the course.  


> FREE training: Lunch and Learn, SCALE, Baltimore, Dec 22  & Jan 6


 For more information, contact Heather Jackson, at 410-323-0500, Extension 311. 

NEW BOOKS for last-minute gifts     




Stroke After Stroke,  Publication Date: September 5, 2014

Stroke After Stroke is the personal story of a recreational gig rower who survived a stroke at age 52.  Based on the blog she started 6 weeks post-stroke, the book chronicles how Barbara Polan  faced her stroke and the struggles of recovery.

Amazon says:  "Barbara has first-hand experience with the relentless repetition needed to establish new neural pathways that are needed to regain lost functions, and promotes investigation and optimism as necessary ingredients in any recovery. In addition, she offers helpful information and insight into the logistics and the emotional reality of survivors' altered lives, along with helping survivors understand that they are not alone. "

This book will be appreciated by anyone whose life has been affected by stroke.


Click here to  buy the book.   








Learn more about living with aphasia from those who have walked the journey before you plus gain insight from professionals. Find out how to optimize your recovery as you adapt to aphasia and discover many valuable resources to guide you on your way. Aphasia Recovery Connection's (ARC) Guide to Living with Aphasia is a companion to join you on your road to recovery.


Click here to buy the book.



Photo of the Month 


Editor's Note: 


This photo is of Avi Golden, who's seen here taking a rest (while volunteering at the Adler Aphasia Center in New Jersey.) For those of you who know Avi, he DOES NOT rest!


Avi has expressive aphasia, but he keeps himself busy as an aphasia advocate, a volunteer at the Adler Aphasia Center; and, he's been an active contributor to the "Aphasia Awareness Training for Emergency Responders Project".  Those are just a few things that he's been involved in!


More information about Avi:


1. Avi Golden Online Aphasia Presentation 


2. Deb Theriault helps Avi Golden tell his story


3. Got .......? At a loss of words





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Happy Holidays from Aphasiatoolbox.com! 
December 19,  2014
December 2014 - HOLIDAY EDITION

A Year in Review 


Editor's Note: 
This is Sharon Rennhack, the chief editor for the aphasiatoolbox newsletter.

I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and are looking forward to the end of year festivities!  


I just found an interesting holiday article that discusses the importance of gratitude.


The article references a book - Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier, from UC Davis, researcher, Robert Emmons, PhD; Emmons says "that being thankful actually amplifies the good; the good things in our lives, the good people in our lives and even the good in us".  (Emmons also published a companion book called Gratitude Works!: A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity.)  


With  the New Year fast approaching,   Aphasiatoolbox.com takes a look back - with deep gratitude, to our clients, therapists, coaches and caregivers.  Our accomplishments in 2014 were because of you.  We thank you.  


Because of your belief in aphasiatoolbox, your referrals and your desire to converse, our growth has been incredible:


- Our Social Network is growing; from four therapists and two coaches last year, we have grown to 8 therapists and 3 coaches, with more wanting to join us.


 - Our  online intensive treatment program has grown,  now up to  5 clients. Intensive clients work 5  - 6 times  OR MORE a week, with a combination of therapist/coach/ group using telepractice and other technology.   For information on our online intensive program, contact us for information.  


 - Our work with non-intensive clients has also grown; These clients generally work  with a combination of therapist/coach/ group up to three times a week and/or groups.    


- In addition to our weekly conversational cafes offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,  we are  also now offering a   weekly treatment group for young people (under 40).  See our calendar. 

- Our newsletter has also grown in terms of subscribers and editorial  content;  we have DOUBLED our subscribers from 7000 to over 14,500! We have focused our editorial content to make us the voice for people with aphasia, SLPs and caregivers.


- And, we just launched our new aphasia information network,  at:  



For 2015, we are planning exciting things;   these are just a few!


New treatment groups including:


- Men's Bootcamp


- Women's Group


- Writing Group


 Contact us if you want information on:


- our Aphasiatoolbox.com  groups - Cafes and Treatment Groups;


- our  comprehensive tools for aphasia and apraxia, including- Aphasia Sight Reader and Verbal Working Memory;


- our online  intensive aphasia program;


- how to join  the Aphasiatoolbox.com Social Network  as a therapist or as a coach.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!





NEWS:  Upcoming Seminars,
and Cape Cod 


Master Clinician Bill Connors is offering a two day seminar - Aphasia-Apraxia Therapy: Exploiting Neuroplasticity, in Miami, FL, on January 31 and February 1, 2015.    


These seminars will present innovative treatment protocols and technology-based tools that enhance clinical skills, assist in the integration of evidence and patient values into aphasia rehabilitation, and save clinician preparation time.  Techniques and tools that optimize exploitation of neuroplasticity to maximize aphasia recovery will be featured. Participants will observe demonstrations of and be involved in aphasia and apraxia treatment including tele-speech sessions and video recordings.   The session will be highly interactive and will address the synergies between the treatment of adult and childhood speech and language disorders.   

Bill is also offering a seminar in Cape Cod, MA on February 28, 2015.  This seminar  will cover neuroplasticity, and will be  a shorter,  four-hour seminar.

For information on these seminars, contact us  or call  Bill Connors at 724-494-2534.

Correction & Apology  


Editor's Note: 


In the November 2014 newsletter edition, we included an article on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. In that article, we mentioned and referenced an article written by Dr. Penelope Tatelli.  


However, we did not include the full credit which should go to AphasiaNow, a website in England created and operated by and for people living with aphasia. This site is operated by Jenny and Wilfried Dautlich.  Our apologies for our oversight, Jenny and Willie!  Please visit their site:

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