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If you have questions about how  can help you and your aphasia and/or related disorders, please contact us or call  us at 724-494-2534.
FEATURE:  Benefits of Telepractice  


Editor's Note:

We have interviewed several practitioners of telepractice;  our main questions were:  

  1. What is the current state of telepractice?
  2. What are the benefits of telepractice?
Here are their replies:

Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech/Language Pathologist & Teletherapist, Wisconsin  

Director of Speech Therapy at TinyEYE Therapy Services,   Saskatchewan, Canada
MS Ed., MA CCC-SLP, Clinical Director at Gr8 Speech Inc, Hollywood, Florida

Click here to see Avivit's comments.

If you have questions about telepractice, please contact us or call us at 724-494-2534.
Feature Columnist LC   - "I use telepractice." 

Editor's Note:  

This is the second column from LC who is   an Aphasiatoolbox client and Assistant to the Editor.  LC  is a young woman  who had her stroke/aphasia following a motor vehicle accident.   These are her own thoughts; she   created her narrative with less than 20% assistance.   



My very first introduction to using video, video conferencing and telepractice was through through the Aphasia Recovery Connection (ARC) - David Dow and Christine Huggins. In a youtube video, I saw David talk about how video can help  young people with aphasia. In one of her videos, I also saw Christine talk about Bill Connors - her SLP;  they worked together using what's known as telepractice.

I have had many years of speech therapy following my accident and stroke. In face to face sessions, I often had to  cancel or change my appointment because of bad weather or not feeling well.

Telepractice is face-to-face speech therapy involving people from anywhere in the world at the same time on their computers. The use of telepractice  allows me to work in a comfortable environment (home), where transportation is not a problem.

And, Bill has created an intensive program for me. That program includes  speech therapy, writing, and conversational cafes.

I work up to 6 days a week in daily sessions, and I also do lots of homework.  I can work with different members of my team -- even on the same day-- with telepractice. Sometimes these team members can work together even though they are in different cities.

Telepractice has helped me talk much better. The tool of  telepractice brought my therapy into my home.

Call us  at 724-494-2534 or contact us if you want information on how telepractice worked for LC.


Aphasia News on  Benefits of Telepractice/Telemedicine  
Photo of the Month 


Editor's Note: SLP Lee Zelina met with  Aphasia Recovery Connection president Christine Huggins  and DaZy Centre leader Jackie Zychowicz at the  OSHLA conference last week. 




BREAKING NEWS: State regulation of SLP telepractice! 
State licensure law requires 4 hours of CEUs and a host of other regulations for telepractice.
Does your state require this? 

"Telemedicine is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The global telemedicine market grew from $9.8 billion in 2010 and is expected to triple to $27.3 billion in 2016." -   Rey Colon, former partner and Chief Marketing Officer of AmeriDoc.
March 31,  2015
March 2015 - Telepractice UPDATE - in Aphasia Treatment and Recovery
This is Sharon Rennhack, the chief editor for the aphasiatoolbox newsletter.

This month we look at  Telepractice, and provide an update to our August 2013 edition on that same topic. Our focus on this edition is to discuss the current state and benefits of telepractice.

- We interview key therapists on the benefits of  telepractice;

- Our news section includes  articles  showing  the changes ocurring in telepractice and telemedicine;

- In his video, Master Clinician discusses the benefits of using telepractice for people with aphasia;

- Our feature  columnist LC describes her  use of telepractice in her ongoing aphasia and apraxia  therapy.

For more information on how we use telepractice to get our clients conversing again, contact us at

Sharon Rennhack
Chief Editor 
FEATURE:  Update - Telepractice  - Laws and Regulations 


Editor's Note:
Laws and regulations regarding telepractice are in  a state of flux,  per the American Speech-Language Association.

While telepractice is established and has been used in the medical field for more than 40 years, it was only approved by ASHA as an appropriate service delivery in 2005.    


There are currently 20 states and the District of Columbia that provide laws/regulations/policies regarding the use of telepractice for SLPs.  And, the need for universal licensing is  clear.

Regardless of where you live,  the phenomenon of  treatment at a distance is growing!

In our August 2013 newsletter on telepractice
we discussed what telepractice is and how we use it.

In this update,  we discuss the current state of telepractice and interview fellow therapists on the benefits of telepractice.



FEATURE:  TeleSLP Partner Program


Editor's Note: will be offering  a TeleSLP-Partner Program for therapists who want to try out telepractice or, perhaps, do it part time. We will provide the private secure platform, consultation, training, trouble shooting and various other features based on the aspiring TeleSLP's needs.   The program will begin on May 15, 2015.   

For additional information, or to be added to the waiting list, contact us at or 724.494.2534.   

VIDEO:  Bill Connors on  the Benefits of  Telepractice for PWA 


Editor's Note:  

In this month's  video, Master Clinician Bill Connors discusses the benefits of telepractice, specifically for people recovering from aphasia.   


Bill Connors discusses the benefits of telepractice
Bill Connors discusses the benefits of telepractice.
Presentation, Cape Cod , MA 


Editor's Note:  
On February 28, 2015, Master Clinician Bill Connors presented to the members of Cape Cod Speech Language Pathologists.  " I want thank the Cape Cod association and members for a wonderful reception and participation."  Bill Connors

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