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Celebrating Milestones
Words recently shared by our Board President, Anita Lewis:

This year, we celebrate 65 years – doing incredible things with incredible people. Formed in 1953, by a small group of parents who were concerned with the lack of educational supports available for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Arc of Chemung’s journey began. 

With a budget of approximately $2,700, the agency began as a single classroom located in the Jewish Community Center. Six children with disabilities attended the school and were given the opportunity to learn with the ultimate goal of living as independently as possible. Through the years, the agency developed programs to meet the needs of all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, not just children. 65 years later, serving nearly 1,000 individuals, our journey continues. 

As our mission states: The Arc of Chemung is a community organization committed to meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities through community engagement and acceptance …

We have been fortunate, for the past 65 years, to have had so many wonderful people, businesses, and organizations support our work. But, we still have much more work ahead of us and remaining engaged in meaningful community partnerships will be what keeps us at the front of the pack – the leader in our field.
For The Arc of Chemung to be financially sound and programmatically strong, we must develop and strengthen our community partnerships. Today, our programs are more community-based. This requires us, as leaders, to be thinking more along the lines of who we know, who will help us accomplish our mission and the personal goals of the people we support, who will elevate us – not just today but for the next 65 years. 

Community partnerships can be difficult to organize and sustain, but their ability to get things done proves that they are a vital facet of community building.
The Arc New York, which supports more than 60,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in living full and valued lives state-wide, celebrates 70 years! It all began during the summer of 1948, when Ann Greenberg placed an ad in the New York Post, which read, “To mothers of retarded children, ages, 4-8: Are you interested in helping to start a day nursery for your children?”
Our work continues and we are thrilled to be affiliated with such a tremendous force. I invite you to join us on our continued journey. Be part of our growth, and success. Continue to celebrate tremendous milestones with us.
Life After the Production Floor
The Arc of Chemung has always been focused on the future to ensure that our commitment to provide quality supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families is achieved. However, today we face a unique set of challenges.

I’d like to share a quote, from Barack Obama: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Over the past several years we began to prepare for change. Change has been a focus of our Strategic plans, annual goals, and training opportunities.

On June 25 th , we took a huge step in our journey for greater community inclusion for the individuals supported by The Arc of Chemung – we officially transitioned each person supported from our sheltered workshop into our community. For more than one year, we have been preparing individuals supported, and staff, to transition from our production floor to community-based supports. Our Community Habilitation, Community PreVoc, and Pathway to Employment Programs have all seen significant increases in use, as well as many positive outcomes.

John, for example, started his work on the production floor. He came to work each day and staff worked with him to set goals for himself. He participated in the School to Work; Site-Based Pre-Vocational services; Community Pre-Vocational services; Pathway to Employment; and the Employment Training Program (ETP). Each program was a stepping stone for John in reaching his long-term goal of working in the community.

Through each program, John has developed skills like professionalism; communication; flexibility; work discipline; hard work; problem solving; time management; interview skills; appropriate dress attire; an array of soft skills; and ultimately, he discovered his career goal. As are result of participating in multiple vocational programs, and working so diligently at each, John has successfully completed his ETP internship and Bethany Village has hired him to work in their kitchen.

There are many success stories, like John's, and we will continue to share them. Despite all the significant changes in our system, we are positioned well for the future and we am excited to see what’s next for those who are supported by The Arc of Chemung. 
If you’re a business and would like to offer an individual the opportunity to shadow, volunteer, or work, please let us know by contacting Nicole Brown at 607.734.6151 ext. 163.
Register Today for the 3rd Annual Norm Ward Golf Tournament!
Friday, August 24, 2018
*note: postponed from original 6/22 date
10:00 AM Check-In Begins | 11:00 AM Shotgun Start | 4:00 PM Awards Dinner
Join us for a charity golf tournament, which provides much needed financial support to Southern Tier Industries (STI), a division of The Arc of Chemung. 

Ensure the success of this fundraiser by participating with a team and/or sponsorship! Donations of raffle items are welcomed, too.

STI provides training and employment opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. STI is dedicated to developing vocational skills and work habits in order for individuals we support to be employed at local businesses in our community. 
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