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In the fall of 2011, my new book, 101 Ways to Have Fun at Work, will be published by Simple Truths. The book represents a complete overhaul of my very first book, 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work.


I'm looking for contributions. I'm also looking for my request to be passed through the network to any and all potential contributors. So, do you have fun at, and enjoy your work? What makes this possible? Let me know of your own great story about how your own works comes to be fun, joyful, funny, and positive. 


A lot has happened over 14 years, since 301 Ways was released. My thinking has deepened about what best powers the whole person at work, and what supports their performance. I've been fortunate to work with many leading edge companies, so my own experience and learning have grown.


Nowadays, in the advanced workplace, fun-as-a-value synergizes with other values, such as intrinsic motivation, robust communication, high trust, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, and audacious meaningful purpose, to energize the whole person at work.


So much has evolved and changed in the workplace, I'm sure the ways people have fun in the workplace have changed and evolved too.


I want to fill the new book, 101 Ways to Have Fun at Work, with one hundred-and-one fantastic new ways people use to have fun at work. I'm looking for you to contribute. The fact is, the new book is simply the sum total of the best contributions. It will truly be a collaborative, team effort.


Searching for Fun ideas
I'm on the lookout for new ideas about fun at work


If your contribution is selected for the new book, you will be credited right underneath the entry. Also, you will receive a free copy of the new book.

Here are some of the topics contributions may attach to:  

Stories about what happened when people experienced an exceptional moment of fun and joy in the workplace.


Tools and props available everyday which promote fun in the workplace.


Games and contests discovered to be surefire means for having fun.


Company or team rituals which are used to support or reinforce fun and joyfulness.


Company policies that allow and amplify fun and a positive work environment.


Resources available in and outside the workplace that people use for the sake of fun while at work.

Proven ideas aimed to evoke fun, enjoyment, laughs, and a positive, can-do attitude.



If you know of any sources I need to contact, please pass them on. This email request can be forwarded on to anybody you know is simply enjoying their work, and, having fun at it too! I would be grateful for your helping hand and contributions.


Contributions may be mailed (12701 Larchmere Blvd, Ste 4a, Cleveland, Ohio 44120;) emailed to fun@catalystconsulting.net; or posted on Facebook


As always let me know what you think! Feel free to opt out, forward this newsletter along, opt in, and provide feedback.


Have great days!




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beyond kicks and carrots
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Leslie fits her experiential learning approach to two broad frameworks about motivation. One is to bring in her long-standing understanding about the whole person at work, the second is to differentiate what some of the generational differences are with respect to leading and motivating today's diverse, inter-generational workforce.

Leslie's 6 books
Leslie Yerkes

Leslie is co-author of  the best selling 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work (Berrett-Koehler) and is the author of Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work (Berrett-Koehler); Beans: Four Principles for Running a Business in Good Times or Bad (Jossey-Bass) ; They Just Don't Get It: Changing Resistance Into Understanding (Berrett-Koehler); and in 2008, Beyond Kicks Carrots: Motivation for the 21st Century (Norma Sustenere Publishers.)  Fun Works, published in a revised edition in 2007, is considered a cornerstone of the research and work in the field of the positive, high performance workplace.

As always, these subjects and much more are used as topics for her keynote speaking. For more info: fun@catalystconsulting.net - 216.791-7802

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