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Our Mission:
Supporting lifelong faith formation in the home and congregation.

From the President's Desk
Dear Friends,
What an exciting month! As we continue through this Easter season, many of us are looking ahead to Confirmations, teacher appreciation, graduation recognition and yes, Vacation Bible School! To help share ideas, the Christian Education Network is now on Pinterest! Be sure to check out the various boards.
We've started holding our workshops, CENetwork of the ELCA presents "How to Create a Safety Plan for Your Church." As of this writing, two workshops have been held and the next is right around the corner! Over 30 individuals from four denominations have gathered in Omaha, Nebraska and Cumberland, Maryland. If you have not signed up for your regional event, be sure to check out faithfulteaching.org for times, dates and locations. We also heard the request to make the workshop available online and are working on that. Keep watching for updates.
In addition, we are looking ahead to 2019. Please share with your Network Advocate what you would like help with, your questions and your struggles. We will be discussing these big ideas as we plan for the year ahead. If you are not sure who your Network Advocate is, you can find out on our website .
The purpose of the CENetwork is to build a community which equips, encourages, and empowers those engaged in lifelong faith formation in a changing world. If you have not yet done so, check out our Facebook Group. Post your questions and share your ideas.
Helen Keller once said:
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

How true that is. Together we can support and encourage one another in our work to equip disciples wherever we are.
Blessings on your journey!
Pastor Juli Lejman-Guy, President
CENetwork of the ELCA



Pastor Julia Seymor, inspired by 
  Take Out Church,  made "God on the Go" kits for Alaskan families with kids. The kits and all their contents fit into a 64-ounce Ziploc container. This keeps things watertight and just-right-sized for throwing in a duffle bag, backpack, suitcase, pushing under the seat of the camper, or having at the foot of a sleeping bag. 


We need to communicate with young children on bullying, kindness, and acceptance  DrewsBooks do it in a fun and subtle way with rhymes because children love rhymes. The books and apps have bright colors and creative illustrations. The combination of the books, apps and discussion points really makes DrewsBooks unique because they can be used by parents, teachers, play groups, churches, and schools - all to use as tools to teach children life's lessons while having fun. 


Are you looking for ideas to fully incorporate children as stewards & givers into worship? Check out this resource from the Episcopal Church.

Good Reads
Title: This Child of Faith

Authors: Sophronia Scott and Tain Gregory

Mother and son writing team Sophfronia Scott and Tain Gregory share stories, experiences and ideas to help parents get to the heart of the question: How do you help a child have real faith that they own-in the challenging world we live in today?
Available on Amazon.
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You can become a member or make a one-time donation via PayPal on our website; or, y ou can purchase from AmazonSmile and designate The Christian Education Network as your charity. We receive a percentage of the proceeds!
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  Vision Statement

Building a community which equips, encourages, and empowers those engaged in lifelong faith  formation in a changing world by:
  • Providing resources and educational opportunities
  • Facilitating communication and conversation 
  • Offering networking, idea sharing, and mutual support
  • Nurturing spiritual growth


Prayer Pause
Almighty God, by our baptism into the death and resurrection of Jesus, you turn us from our sin. Grant that we who are reborn to new life in Christ may live in righteousness and holiness all our days.   

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