May 2020

Our Mission:
Supporting lifelong faith formation
in the home and congregation.

From the President's Desk

Dear Friends, 

It is Sunday morning. Instead of leading a discussion in Sunday School about grace and preparing for worship, I am sitting on my couch next to the open window. The sun is shining after 24 hours of showers and thunderstorms. I feel the gentle breeze. I hear the birds singing their morning praises and off in the distance is an owl reminding us we are not alone. And every once in a while, I hear the sad song of the mourning dove in the trees.

Read Pastor Juli's full letter here.

Resources for Ministry


Milestone Ministry has new end of school, graduation, and social distancing milestones, available as free downloads on their website.

Changes in Plans

Cancelled. Postponed. To be announced. To be determined. Plans are in progress.These are words we've all heard or said these last several weeks.  We are cancelling, changing, and postponing many of the faith milestones that mark our spiritual journeys.  And we face new challenges.  What do we replace the cancellation with?  Do we offer a virtual experience, or something in person as much as guidelines allow?  Do we combine virtual tools with other experiences to create a hybrid learning opportunity? How do we respond faithfully to circumstances and make the right decision for our ministry setting?

Read the rest of this letter about all the things that are changing in our churches from Diane McGeoch, CENetwork board member,

High School Graduations

T his video from the Northeastern Minnesota Synod focuses on 2020 high school seniors and how we can help graduates grieve all the losses they are experiencing.


The CENetwork's website has many additional resources, including visual materials in various formats, background readings, and additional ideas for activities and events.

Good Reads  

Title: For Every Thing There is a Season: 75 Blessings for Life's Milestones

Authors: The Nilson Family

This compilation of 75 Christian ritual blessings helps deepen and make sacred ordinary and out of the ordinary life moments. It offers three simple blessings for the seasons of the day; thirteen for the seasons of the year (holidays we celebrate from New Year's Eve to Thanksgiving); twenty-five blessings for seasons of our lives--event such as getting a driver's license, leaving home, getting a pet; seventeen blessings for seasons of our relationships; eleven for seasons of the Christian life; and six for the seasons of the church year.

Available on Amazon.


How You Can Support the Christian Education Network

You can become a member or make a one-time donation via PayPal on our website; or, y ou can purchase from AmazonSmile and designate The Christian Education Network as your charity. We receive a percentage of the proceeds!

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God of mercy and grace,

You have called us from the east and from the west, from the south and from the north to be your body in this world. Keep us connected through you even in our physical distance.

We pray for parents and children who have struggled with this new normal of homeschooling, especially those who rely on school meal programs. We pray for everyone struggling with these rapid changes and the uncertainty of the coming school year.

We pray for teachers who are not able to say goodbye and who must prefer for different scenarios for the upcoming school year.

May we be comforted by your peace and your presence.  It is in the strong name of Jesus that we do pray. 


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