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Our Mission:
Supporting lifelong faith formation in the home and congregation.

From the President's Desk
This month our interviewee is a friend and colleague of mine, Linda Staats. Most of you have probably met Linda at some point in your ministry or know of her tireless work. She is amazing and so very passionate about lifelong faith formation and involving all ages together to grow in and strengthen relationships. She has graciously served our organization in the role of Vice President for Advocacy for the past four years and has been a true advocate for growing us in new directions as we look to the changes happening in congregations today. I cannot thank Linda enough for her commitment to helping us all grow in our faith and support for one another. Her work with our organization, the ELEA (Evangelical Lutheran Education Association), Stewardship and Coaching for the ELCA, Milestones, and the many synods where she has guided leadership using her skills and knowledge are just a few on a long list of places and people Linda has connected with throughout her ministry career.
I admire Linda so very much and wish her the very best and many, many blessings as she transitions off the board and pours her energy and passion into something new.
Please join me in praying for what Linda calls her "3rd third of life." With Linda's track record, I am excited and can only envision great things!
Debbie Streicher

6 Questions and a Cup of Coffee
with...  Linda Staats

I am a Boomer, married to a Booster, who together have two Gen X sons. Two Kenyans of the Millennial generation claim me as their "Grand Mum!" My mother is a Builder - a 98-year old wise elder. You can learn more about me here.

1. Can you describe your call to ministry?

My academic study, degrees and early career were all related to "development" - child development, family relations, and human development. My daily family life revolved around "church." My "Aha" Spirit-filled moment was realizing human development and faith development, church and home, are connected and woven together. It has been a privilege to share a lifespan, household faith perspective as an "apostle"  (messenger) called to serve multiple Christian faith communities and networks within the ELCA.
2. What is the best part of your ministry now?

My greatest joy is bringing together people of every age and decade. It's creating space where generations accompany one another across the borders and boundaries of age. It's connecting personal holy stories with God's stories. It's equipping and empowering all generations for serving like Jesus at home and in the world.

3. What is one fact about you that would surprise people?

At age 10 I had eight living grandparents. They all lived within a 14-mile radius of me and meddled in (influenced) my life.

4. What are three things Christian Educators need to keep their eye on?
  • With few or no courses required or taught in Christian education in our seminaries and denominational  colleges, my concern is with the loss of "pedagogy." What will be the future of the discipline that deals with the theory, practice, art and vocation of Christian education and lifelong faith formation?
  • How do we equip our congregations, communities and homes as centers for resisting messages of racism and anti "other"? How do we instill a sense of care, connection and hospitality toward people different from ourselves? How do we build attitudes and skills in our households for embracing a multi-cultural, diverse country and world? How do we live as disciples of Christ and agents of love and change? With the current climate in our country, this is urgent work!
  •  How do we assist our households to live "backwards" in our consumer society? How do we navigate between competing narratives -- one of buying more stuff for "me" versus God's story. a message of abundance?

5. What are some of your favorite resources?

6. How can we pray for you?

Two things:
That God's call to serve in this, my 3rd third of life, will be clear in direction and purpose. And join me in thanking God for those who have come before us, nurtured us in Christian faith, walked by our side, given us such extraordinary opportunities to serve the church; and provide us the connection and ministry we enjoy through the CENetwork of the ELCA.

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Prayer Pause
Come, Lord Jesus, Come.
Come in the midst of Christmas programs.
Come in the midst of Christmas parties.
Come in the midst of shopping and wrapping.
Come, Lord Jesus, Come.
In our hearts as we hear the stories.
In our service to others.
In the gifts we give.
Come, Lord Jesus, Come.
As we prepare lessons for teaching,
As we prepare services of worship,
As we look forward to Christmas Eve night,
Come as the baby in the manger.
Come as the light in the darkness.
Come as the peace we so long for.
Come, Lord Jesus, Come.
--Pastor Juli Lejman-Guy



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