April 2019

Our Mission:
Supporting lifelong faith formation
in the home and congregation.

From the President's Desk

The Faith Practices Initiative of the ELCA urges members of this church to "put their faith into practice" by living out the promises contained in the liturgy for the Affirmation of Baptism. In that promise, we pledge as members of the body of Christ through baptism to: 
  • live among God's faithful people  
  • hear the word of God and share in the Lord's supper  
  • proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed  
  • serve all people following the example of Jesus  
  • strive for justice and peace in all the earth 
( Evangelical Lutheran Worship, p. 236)

It is always interesting to hear Call Committee interview questions. Most include some form of: Pastor, what will you do to grow the youth in our congregation?



The Second Gift of Discipleship:
Hear the word of God and 
share in the Lord's supper
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An Overview from 
the ELCA

We listen deeply as we hear, read and study God's word. As God's word speaks to us, it comes both as command and promise. We listen to see how the message challenges us and encourages us in our lives. We listen for God's call and God's guidance. And we listen to the words of the Lord's Supper to remind us that the body of Christ was given for us and the blood of Christ was shed for us.

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Read through these devotions on your own or with a partner. You may also join with others via Zoom.  


52 Weeks of Bible Stories is a great way for families to read the Bible together. From our friends at Pacifica Synod.

Spark Bible Bingo is a fun activity for your Sunday School class!

M ilestones Ministry: Introduction and Link to Communion Milestone

When a child is baptized at a young age, they cannot answer for themselves. Parents and other adults bring the child for baptism and are entrusted with responsibilities and make a promise to "help their children grow in the Christian faith and life". One of the responsibilities is to bring the child to the word of God and the holy supper. (ELW pg. 228) Continue reading... 

Other Resources

Fed and Forgiven has everything you need to begin using this exciting new family of communion preparation resources.

Kids Celebrate Holy Communion can help children (both early readers and pre-readers) understand Communion.

The CENetwork's website has many additional learning strategies for Living Our Baptism, including visual materials in various formats, background readings, and additional ideas for activities and events.

Good Reads

Title: Why Infant Baptism?

Author: Karen Bates Olson

Why does our church encourage the early baptism of our little ones, to the point of cherishing infant baptism, baptism in the very earliest days of life when our tiniest can do nothing other rest safely, as the old hymn suggests, against not only our own shoulders but against the very bosom of God?

Read this article from Living Lutheran in its entirety.
Prayer Pause
God with us,

Even when we do not recognize you in our midst, you walk with us.

Thank you for your persistent love that never fails. Open our eyes, and use our slow hearts for your service.

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     Christian Education    
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  Vision Statement

Building a community which equips, encourages, and empowers those engaged in lifelong faith formation in a changing world.



The CENetwork will:
  • Identify and evaluate resources and educational opportunities
  • Facilitate communication and conversation
  • Offer guidance, networking and mutual support
  • Nurture spiritual growth online and face to face


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