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From the President's Desk
Today we meet Judy Washburn, the Vice-President for Advocacy for the Christian Education Network of the ELCA. Judy led the development of the CEN mentor program and considers it a privilege to work on the generic template and workshop for, "How to Create a Safety Plan for Your Church."  For more information on this peacemaking work, see our website.
Judy lives in Florida with her husband, Russ.They have three grown children: Emily, Anna, and Dylan, and they all love to travel, read, and spend time with family, friends, and pets.
Now grab a cup of your favorite beverage and meet Judy.
Pastor Juli Lejman-Guy, President
Christian Education Network of the ELCA
6 Questions and a Cup of Coffee with... Judy Washburn

I've been serving in the church, with over thirty-five years' experience, teaching and training in congregations and schools using the principles of dialogue education and language experience. Dialogue Education principles are also at the core of my volunteer activities, including management of the CENetwork mentor program.  See Global Learning Partners for more information on 'Dialogue Education'.  
1. Can you describe your call to ministry?

I've been called to encourage and support those who work in church ministry at the congregational level. Those who have been tasked with the day to day activities and programs -- especially volunteer leaders -- can often use a hand.

2. What is the best part of your ministry now?

The best part is working with so many different people these last three years to create the church safety plan and now, traveling to the nine regions of the ELCA to lead church safety workshops. This is an opportunity to share with others a simple but comprehensive way to create peaceful environments for worship, education, and serving. Our whole church approach to public safety has been very warmly received and I'm excited to help those tasked with this very important ministry.
3. What is one fact about you that would surprise people?

I love to fly!  It calms me down. 
4. What are three things Christian educators need to keep their eye on?

  • The trend to "slow down." We have been moving at such a fast pace in education, we are training students to predominantly think tactically about how to get to the next achievement. Slowing down gives us time to think critically.
  • Dialogue education as a progressive teaching system. It is highly effective in moving up the retention rate for learners as they are more involved in their own learning. 
  • The importance of the safe learning environment for all types of learners. Fear blocks our learning, so we want to take the time to be intentional in the environments we create.   


5. What are some of your favorite resources?


6. How can we pray for you?   


Please pray for good health, safe travel, and effective teaching and learning at all 9 ELCA region workshops on church safety.
And may we all pray for peace.
If you would like to recommend a Lutheran or others with a passion for lifelong learning for the "6 Questions and a Cup" column, please let us know!
Our whole church approach is for anyone seeking to intentionally create a peaceful environment for people of all ages. Attend a four-hour workshop in your region. 
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Prayer Pause
Gracious Heavenly Father,
Send your Holy Spirit among us to remind us each and everyday that you call us to be disciple; that no matter how many times we ignore the call, you will continue to call us; and, that you will continue to support us, love us and forgive us. Help us to hear your voice in our lives.  
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