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From the President's Desk
Our interview this month is with three Christian educators who work as a team: Brigette Weier, Gus Brockmann, and Leta Behrens . You can read more about them on their website about page . Two key words popped out at me when I read their answers. They use the words together and family often. Their website, Faith Formation Journeys , is one I have gone to on many occasions. The wealth of resources and support for our ministries they provide is impressive and all is available at no cost, a Christian educators dream!
After reading their combined answer to question number 3, I can only reflect on 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 where Paul challenges his readers to run the Christian life with focus, passion, and to fight with purpose. I am guessing Brigette, Gus, and Leta could truly expand a bit more on this lesson for us especially from their experience as runners.
I hope you will take the time to visit their site.
Many thanks to this passionate team of lifelong faith formation leaders for sharing their time and resources with us all!
Debbie Streicher

6 Questions and a Cup of Coffee
with...Gus Brockmann, Leta Behrens and Brigette Weier

Gus Brockmann, Leta Behrens and Brigette Weier make     up Faith Formation Journeys. We have all known each     other for about nine years. We are all married, serving in congregations in Colorado, and have children varying     in age from 20 down to six.

1. Can you describe your call to ministry?

Faith Formation Journeys began as a ministry idea when Leta and I (Brigette) were writing children's sermons and weekly devotionals. I was on internship and Leta was on leave from call and doing some consulting. Gus's creativity and computer skills were a great addition to the team. We all figured that if we are doing this much work for the congregations we serve, maybe someone else could use it as well. It didn't take long for us to discover that we hit a need from our colleagues. It's a privilege to be so trusted on a weekly basis! FFJ has taken off in ways that we never dreamed and we know is through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

2. What is the best part of your ministry now?

Brigette: I love that I am on a team and can collaborate anytime I need to. Often when I have an idea, I love the ability to flesh it out and get input to make it great!

Gus:  My collaborators are the best part.  It is good to have people to work with who affirm and challenge me at the same time.

Leta:  My co-writers! They are the best and I love that we can count on each other for ideas, support, and last minute fill-ins!

3. What is one fact about you that would surprise people?

All three of us run long distance races! And we really do hang out and our families love to be together. 
4. What are three things Christian Educators need to keep their eye on?

1) Ecumenical ministry. The denominational lines aren't as important to the next generations as they have been in the past.

2) The reality that we need to live out our worship faith in the real world. How what we say and do on Sunday morning needs to integrate and reflect our Monday through Saturday lives.

3) The need for authentic community. As the church, we need to be willing to embrace new ways of being community together.

I think that Christian Educators need to focus more on worship engagement than on "classroom" learning. Or maybe more clearly - focus on the who, what, and WHY of our worshiping communities. Humans in general learn the stories of our faith best by telling and re-telling them, and when worship gets sidelined we don't get those chances.

Families are in a different place now than before culturally, and they are actually seeking spirituality and spiritual connections. That does not always mean being in a pew or a classroom. Watch for ways to encourage and help families to engage and share their stories. This is all grassroots and contextual. There are very little 'tried and trues' left other than of course the message of grace, Jesus and God's big love for them and the world.   

5. What are some of your favorite resources?

John Roberto's Faith Formation 2020 as well as his Lifelong Faith materials. Milestone Ministries are a vital part of my ministry.  I also really appreciate Theresa Cho and her creativity with worship and particularly cross+generational worship. And of course, Pinterest

PEOPLE!  But if you mean materials that people can find - I like song books and storybook Bibles. Sing good songs, because people believe what they sing and a good songbook needs to come out of the community that uses it - so CCLI?  My absolute favorite storybook Bible is the "Jesus Storybook Bible."
Jesus Storybook Bible, the people who share and give ideas, Pinterest and Homegrown Faith (Linda Staats).

6. How can we pray for you?
Brigette:  Please pray that in all I am Christ is revealed. 
Gus:  For truly restful and relaxing sleep!
Leta:  Pray for creativity and connections!

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Prayer Pause

O gracious God, we find ourselves reminded again that we live in the in-between times. Our nation is divided. Our congregations are divided. The pain is real on all sides. Give us the words to speak. Give us hearts filled with peace and the assurance of your love and forgiveness for all of your children.
Remind us also that we are a people of hope. We move forward to Advent as we prepare for your love incarnate. As we rush to the manger, fill us with your Spirit so that your light shines through all we say and do.
In Christ's holy name.

Rev. Juli Lejman-Guy



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