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From the President's Desk
Dear friends,
In just a few days we will gather in our congregations to celebrate All Saints Sunday. Traditionally, it is the day we remember all those who have died since the last All Saints Sunday.
One of the gifts I offer families when planning a funeral is the option of a children's message. At first parents look at me as if I have five heads (it is Halloween!). But as we talk through the idea, it begins to make sense. We need to help adults and children alike understand grief.
Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt writes, "You can know something in your head but not in your heart." So how do we explain death, dying, eternal life, and saints to our children when many of our adults have a hard time understanding?
For us as Christians, we understand in our heads that it is not the end; there is more to come. But our hearts break for the one who has died. We feel loss and sadness because we have loved this person and now must say good-bye.
This year, on All Saints Sunday, we will read the names of the eleven saints who have died this year at my interim congregation. We will light a candle. A chime will sound. Then I will read the names of the ones I have baptized this year. We will light a candle. A chime will sound. As the baptized people of God we gather at the table and remember. We remember the story of our own baptism. We remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross. We remember our loved ones who have gone on before. And we remember it is up to us to pass on the faith to the next generations.
Blessings on your journey,
Pastor Juli Lejman-Guy, President
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Advent and Christmas

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ELCA Disability Ministries provides many different kinds of resources to assist and connect people. Find resources specific to some of the ministries associated with ELCA Disability Ministries under the relevant tabs. Find more general resources under the  Other tab.

As the winter months approach, do you find yourself already daydreaming about summer? ELCA World Hunger would like to encourage that habit by offering a sneak peek into ELCA World Hunger's newest VBS program, "Who is My Neighbor?"


Good Reads
Title: Faith in Action: A Handbook for Activists, Advocates and Allies

Authors: Multiple Contributors

You want to make the world better. This book can help.

Faith in Action offers quick dives into a range of topics, from racial justice to environmental concerns, from LGBTQIA equality to Native people's rights, from women's equality to disability rights, from mass incarceration to immigration. Each topic includes informative visuals and data, as well as practical suggestions for what you can do to make a difference in your community.

Available from Augsburg Fortress





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Prayer Pause
Giving thanks for all the disciples who have come before us, we gather in your name to give thanks for the work and witness of Martin Luther. On this day 501 years ago, he nailed his 95 theses and began the Protestant Reformation. 
Be present with us as we continue to reform; as we continue to walk the path of discipleship; as we continue to gather in your name.  
Elizabeth Cummings
Chaplain, CENetwork

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