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From the President's Desk
This month you will meet The Rev. Chris Yaw who was nominated by Teresa Kaldor. Chris is an Episcopal priest who started ChurchNext and serves St. David's Episcopal Church in Southfield, Michigan. ChurchNext offers online learning for individuals and groups.
Part of the Guiding Principles of ChurchNext is...
Water the Green Spot
If it's growing, water it. Feed it. Fertilize it. Applaud it. And by all means, fund it. Success is found in spending less time on what's not working and more time on what's working.
So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get to know Chris and then check out for some exciting opportunities.
Pastor Juli Lejman-Guy

6 Questions and a Cup of Coffee with...Chris Yaw.

Chris is an Episcopal priest who started ChurchNext for his church. He serves a congregation in Michigan.
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1. Can you describe your call to ministry?

I like to describe it in two parts. Half of this was the call of God through the Holy Spirit, that ordained ministry and work with is work that the Lord would like me to do. The second half is about the work that needs doing: our congregations need strong leaders and effective guides to help us be all we can be.

2. What is the best part of your ministry now?

It's always the people, isn't it? Loving relationships always produce the highest satisfaction in life, and ministry with my local community and with the worldwide ChurchNext community puts me in touch with people with who routinely bless me.

3. What is one fact about you that would surprise people?

I have been in a Lenny Kravitz music video; I have an Internet degree as a professional chocolatier; I drive a car that was used by Betty Draper on TV's Mad Men.
4. What are three things Christian educators need to keep their eye on?

1) The possibility of online learning. By 2019, half of all college courses will be taught online. It's by far the fastest growing form of education in the world. How can we use this in our work of making disciples?

2) Learn from secular non-profits and charities that are doing the good work we need to do. God's redemptive purposes are being accomplished by a host of committed people who we need to learn from. Don't be afraid to see how others are doing what we want to do, better.

3) Jesus. This is the most trying time to work in Christian congregations in our nation's history. Downsizing, layoffs, falling attendance and budgets, not to mention the continued slide into social irrelevance. Christian educators need to remember that we're not called to be faithful, we're called to be obedient. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He's our guide and gauge.
5. What are some of your favorite resources?

6. How can we pray for you?

Pray that I may grow more deeply into Christ, that I may more completely understand God's love for me and my neighbor, planting in me greater capacities to forgive, reconcile and love.

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Creator God,
In this season of Advent, as we prepare our hearts and homes for the coming of Christ, send your calming spirit among us. Help us to treasure this time and be reminded of the birth of our Savior. 
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