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From the President's Desk
It is an honor and privilege to introduce our guest this month. 
Sally Lloyd-Jones is a storyteller. She is also a Brit, born in Uganda, raised in West Africa and lives in Manhattan. In her words, she came to the United States in 1989 planning to stay for just a couple of years!
Today Sally shares her insights with us as a New York Times bestselling children's author. One of her books, The Jesus Storybook Bible, is celebrating ten years with over 2 million copies sold in over 30 languages! God has truly blessed Sally and us through her gift of storytelling.
So grab a cup of coffee and get to know Sally. Then check out Sally's website at www.sallylloyd-jones.com!
Epiphany Blessings,
Pastor Juli Lejman-Guy

6 Questions and a Cup of Coffee
with...  Sally Lloyd Jones

I'm a Brit who came to the States in 1989. Just for a year or two. I'm still here. This tells you how much I know.

But I do know that I was born in Kampala, Uganda and raised in East and West Africa and at a boarding school in the New Forest, (which I also know is nothing of the sort - it's very old. It had Charles I in it. How new can it be?).

The first book I ever read all the way through was " The Complete Nonsense" by Edward Lear. Things have not been the same since.

Also, I get to have the best job in the world: writing stories. And I get to work for the best bosses in the world: children. I am very grateful.

1. Can you describe your call to ministry?

Ever since I was a little child, I dreamed of being a writer, but struggled with believing God would want me to do something I was dreaming of. As if God wanted me to hate what I do. (How messed up is that? I think a lot of us think like that.) It wasn't until I was all grown up that I came to realize that God had planted that dream inside my heart; that I would most glorify him when I was most fully alive the way he made me to be. I see my work as a writer as a calling not so much a job. And I count that as a great privilege. I know it didn't need to be that way.
2. What is the best part of your ministry now?

I have the best job in all the world: telling stories. And I have the best bosses: children. To bring joy to children - whether that is telling them a story about a funny fish called Miss Doreen Randolph-Potts or telling them a story from the Bible - that is what I believe is the heart of my ministry. It is an honor. 
3. What is one fact about you that would surprise people?

I am a bit of a techy person. Plus a bit of an athlete. I love to cycle, run, swim, walk, hike. It's good for my headspace as much as my body.
4. What are three things Christian Educators need to keep their eye on?

First, Story. Second, Story. Third, Story. You can't underestimate the power of a good story well told. A story can totally transform you. Once you capture a child's imagination, there is no limit to what might happen.
5. What are some of your favorite resources?
See #4!   
6. How can we pray for you?
How kind. Thank you. To listen well and tell the stories God has for me to tell. To be available to them. (And, if it's not too greedy: for complete healing from a left knee op this year--and a related hip injury. Thank you!)


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Sally is the author of the Jesus Storybook Bible. See that, as well a list of Sally Lloyd-Jones' other books, here.


Explore Sally's website and blog!

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