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From the President's Desk
Dear Friends,  
One rule I have adhered to in over 20 years of ministry is that I do not discuss politics publicly. I pray for all of our leaders. I pray for the citizens of our nation as well as the world. I am on the mailing list for Lutheran Advocacy and have on occasion made phone calls or written letters. But on June 5, something changed.
That day immigration officials arrested 115 workers in Sandusky, Ohio. That evening there were over 100 children in daycare for whom no parent showed up to take them home. The daycare centers were unaware of what had transpired. They simply knew that these children had no place to go and nothing except what was in their school bag. These children went to bed that night not understanding what was happening, but Jesus took children "in his arms and blessed them."
A colleague writes: 
What can we do? 
One: Ask God to protect them, provide for their needs, and unite them with their families quickly.
Two: Intercede in prayer for those ministering to children and families in the border area. Look for ways you and your church can partner with them to provide support for those in crisis.   
Three: Pray urgently for our nation to value children as God does. Every crisis contains a call. 
The immigration conflict of our day is an opportunity to take a stand of faith that children must not be used as political pawns, but instead be cherished and loved.
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) was founded in 1939 by Lutheran churches in the United States to serve uprooted people during World War II. Visit their website for ideas on how your congregation can be involved in supporting all God's children.   
Whatever our thoughts on  immigration policies and practices, I encourage you to take a risk. Do your research and know the real facts. Then have the courage to speak out on behalf of all God's children and their families.   
Blessings on your summer journey,   
Pastor Juli Lejman-Guy, President 
CENetwork of the ELCA

Faith Formation Resources
for Ministry Leaders


The Families at the Center of Faith Formation website is designed as a demonstration of an online platform for congregational family faith formation - focused on families with children. It is designed as a network of faith formation with a diversity of content and platforms.

This website is developed around the eight strategies for family faith formation from the Families at the Center of Faith Formation book from Lifelong Faith Associates.
Oh, The Places You'll Go: Inspiration & Prayers for Summer Travels

Building Faith has published a list of popular summertime locations along with a scripture verse, quote, and prayer that you might use individually or with your family or friends for your devotions this summer. God bless you wherever your journeys lead.

Tri-Saints Lutheran, an ELCA congregation in Hardy, Nebraska, created a Sunday " Worship to Go" website with digital resources for those who missed worship.



Did you go to the ELCA Youth Gathering?


We'd love to gather photos and/or reflections from the Youth Gathering.


You can upload them via email here and we'll feature them in an upcoming e-news and on our website!    


Good Reads
Title: Intergenerate: Transforming Churches Through Intergenerational Ministry

Author: Holly Catterton Allen

Leaders in Christian communities are all asking the same question: How can we bring the generations back together? InterGenerate addresses important questions of why we should bring the generations back together, but even more significantly, how we can bring generations back together. In this edited collection, ministers, church leaders, and Christian educators will find valuable, new generational theory perspectives, fresh biblical and theological insights, and practical outcomes backed by current research.
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Prayer Pause
As we look toward celebrating the 4th of July, a day of independence, help to keep us safe. Help to keep us mindful of what you call us to do. Keep watch over us, guide us in our waking and sleeping hours, and help to remind us that we were claimed through the waters of baptism as your children and marked with the cross of Christ forever.  
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