December 2018
2019 SaaS and Cloud Predictions

Welcome to The Cirrostratus Group December newsletter.

It's always fun to read predictions of what will happen for in 2019. I've also included a section with some predictions on AI for 2019.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and I hope that 2019 is enjoyable and prosperous for you.

I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences with delivering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
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    2019 SaaS and Cloud Predictions 
Although published in September 2018 this Gartner news release provides great context for the 2019 market for SaaS and cloud products. SaaS is the biggest piece of the market and revenue is expected to grow 17.8 percent to reach $85.1 billion in 2019. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the fastest growing segment and is forecast to grow 27.6 percent in 2019 to reach $39.5 billion, The overall cloud services marketplace, including SaaS and IaaS, is expected to grow 17.3 percent in 2019 to total $206.2 billion. 
SaaS Predictions for 2019 from Openview Partners -- Interesting prediction about engineering and product teams becoming more data driven.
Here are Forrester's 2019 cloud computing predictions.  
2019 predictions for ISVs by DevPro Journal -- These tend to be more developer and technically focused predictions.
Information Week Predictions for 2019 -- One highlight here is that 2 of the SaaS trends for 2019 are predicted to be integration and industry based ecosystems.  
Network World 2019 Predictions -- Some of this is data center related but there are some good cloud predictions. Not exactly a prediction but there is an excellent point that Oracle needs to make some hard decisions about their cloud strategy and execution. Their competitors and time are leaving them behind.
2019 should be an exciting year for SaaS and cloud providers! 

 2019 Artificial Intelligence Predictions    
Photo courtesy of The Blue Diamond Gallery

Scott Maxwell, a venture capitalist at OpenView Partners, has written about an important issue for 2019 and beyond which is how to think about investments in Artificial Intelligence. His premise is that AI companies should be assessed and valued the same way that any software startup is assessed and takes issue with a different set of metrics for AI. I think this is an interesting discussion because it will help decide what metrics are used for AI businesses.

Several industry strategists comment on AI for 2019 in the eweek predictions article on AI in 2019 including Salesforce, Mathworks and a variety of other software companies.

PWC has a good set of predictions for 2019 on AI, specifically on the enterprise and how the enterprise will likely implement and use AI.

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