November 2017
Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Welcome to The Cirrostratus Group November newsletter.

In this month's newsletter I've highlighted part 2 of the private SaaS company survey results. As always there are a lot of excellent comparative metrics and information in the survey results.

Since we have now all survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday I've included some excellent information on the eCommerce results and some of the impact that technology had on those results. It was a great holiday for e-retailers again this year!

I'm always interested in hearing about your plans for developing and offering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over and of course we've all gotten hundreds of emails telling us about the bargains and free shipping. It turns out that 85% of eCommerce sales on Black Friday were made with free shipping and the average discount was 28%.

For the first time more sales on Black Friday were made on mobile devices than on computers. Mobile traffic and mobile sales were more aligned indicating that e-retailers have made progress on the challenge of getting consumers to make purchases using mobile devices. These are a few of the statistics in Rick Kenney's blog on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Rick is head of consumer insights at Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Rick observed in his blog that "Retailers are seeing the impressive impact of personalization even on the biggest digital day of the season; while 6% of shoppers engage with product recommendations, those shoppers account for 30% of all revenue." Although most personalization and product recommendations are not sophisticated AI applications at this point, I believe that e-retailers will continue to invest significantly in this area and the AI used will become much more sophisticated given these kinds of results.

2017 Private SaaS Company
Survey - Part 2 
Last month I highlighted part 1 of the Survey of Private SaaS companies. David Skok's blog gives part 2 of his analysis on this survey. Reviewing this survey is a great way to understand possible areas to improve your SaaS business.

You can get a copy of the complete survey results from KBCM. This survey was the Pacific Crest survey from previous years but Pacific Crest Securities was purchased by Keybanc Capital Markets and KBCM has continued the survey.

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