July/August 2019
When Should SaaS Startups Use Partners for Customer Success?

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I have always been a proponent of communication and alignment between SaaS product management and customer success and you'll find the survey results below reinforces this. One of the survey's conclusions was that SaaS companies with well aligned SaaS product and customer success teams have lower churn.

Gartner recently released their Magic Quadrant for IAAS. No surprise that AWS, Azure and Google are in the leaders quadrant. Gartner has dropped all other IAAS services from this Magic Quadrant except IBM, Oracle and Alibaba. Even if you are happy with your IAAS service I suggest that you read some of the strengths and cautions for each of the services to see how the providers are evolving. My recommendation for SaaS businesses running on an IAAS, is to use AWS or Azure primarily because of the offer functionality and partner ecosystems.

I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences with delivering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
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   When Should SaaS Startups Use Partners for Customer Success?  

A question that is often asked when starting to scale a SaaS startup or small SaaS business is when should I consider using partners for customer success and what role should they play? In general, if you are still exploring product/market fit it's too early to be using partners for either sales or customer success. However, once you achieve product/market fit and you are looking to scale the business it's time to at least consider partners. If you are at or beyond this point and are interested  in exploring customer success partners I'd suggest you read my post on the topic.

   Aligning Product Management and Customer Success  

I have always been a proponent of substantial alignment and communication between product management and customer success. I wrote this blog post some time ago for the Boston Product Management Association and it is still applicable. I recently read a post that summarized survey results which indicated that well aligned product and customer success teams experience less churn. Shared knowledge and working together can go a long way toward improving customer satisfaction.

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