January 2018
Looking Forward into 2018

Welcome to The Cirrostratus Group January newsletter. 2018 begins the 7th year of this newsletter, thank you to both new and loyal readers. I hope you've found the information helpful to your business.

In this month's newsletter we look forward into 2018 from various perspectives including how the large cloud providers will compete and evolve. From the other perspective I've included information on the global infrastructure for SaaS startups.

I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences with delivering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  


I found this article in Forbes outlining the future of the major cloud providers in 2018 insightful. The strengths and weaknesses of each of AWS, Microsoft and IBM were well presented along with the ways that the market will evolve. All are evolving to more open and multi-cloud environments and a more business solutions focus over technical features. If major steps in this direction happen in 2018, it will be a great year.

If you are looking at starting or substantially growing your SaaS business in 2018 it's great to understand the global view of what areas of the world have the best environment and ecosystem for starting a cloud or SaaS business. I've never seen the perspective of non US cloud clusters and ecosystems relative to the US.

Two of the Best Jobs in America are Cloud Jobs
According to Glassdoor the best job in America for the third year in a row is data scientist. The second best job is DEVOPS engineer. Interestingly both of these jobs are directly related to cloud computing. You can read the Glassdoor report directly or read through some of the comments about the report in Forbes.

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