November 2018
Successful Up-selling

Welcome to The Cirrostratus Group November newsletter.

I've finished my blog series on successful up-selling with my blog posts on the right tools and the right customer attitude for success. I also have a provided a free checklist that summarizes the important items in the blog post series.

I recently attended the MassIntelligence conference and based on the conference and the other reading I've done recently about artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, I believe that it is not just a current buzzword but that it is going to have a profound affect on software applications and many areas of our lives that use software. I think the main question is how quickly certain technologies and application areas will be mainstream. Below I've included some information on current and near future machine learning applications for background as you think about the effect that machine learning will have on your products.

I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences with delivering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  

    Get your Black Belt in Successful
I've added the blog posting on The Right Tools for Successful Up-selling and The Right Customer Attitude to my blog post series on successful up-selling. The right tools supports the information requirements and the right attitude is for the customer to be happy and satisfied.
This checklist is a summary of the important items from these blog posts and is a useful tool for getting a cross functional view of whether you have everything in place for successful upselling. 
Seven colors of martial arts Taekwondo belts in order from low to high

 Machine Learning    
Based on my comment in the introduction above, I think that it is important for SaaS providers to understand whether machine learning will have an effect on their application area and how significant an effect that will be. The information below should help you develop a basic understanding of machine learning and current application areas.

What is machine learning? I think that this article from TechEmergence provides a good consensus definition based on a variety   of sources. The post also provides a good description of some of the fundamental concepts in machine learning.

This article, also from TechEmergence, provides a good basis for understanding how to apply machine learning to business problems. These posts on marketing/advertising and finance are two application areas where there is significant current use and opportunity.

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