September 2017
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Welcome to The Cirrostratus Group September newsletter.

I have always been an advocate of the importance of the relationship between the functional areas of customer success and product management. In this newsletter we'll explore that relationship in more depth and highlight some of the software tools available to help with product management and customer success alignment particularly in the area of customer journeys.

I'm always interested in hearing about your plans for developing and offering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  

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A recent article in Openview describes Customer Success and Product Management alignment as the key to happier customers and stresses the importance of product management focus on the customer journey as part of the product. In the article is a reference to a survey on the level of alignment between the two groups for both the existence of shared goals and the execution of those goals.

One of the recommendations in the survey results is the appropriate shared use of appropriate technology. Forrester has recently released two Wave reports in this area. The first is on "Customer Journey Analytics Orchestration Platforms" and is available free from Kitewheel, a Boston startup, who did well in both visioning and orchestration. The other report is on "Customer Journey Analytics Visioning Platforms" and is available directly from Forrester. Although there is substantial overlap in the two tools from a vendor perspective the primary difference is that the analytics visioning platforms focus more on customer journey design and versus orchestration platforms which focus more on journey automation.

Another observation of the survey is that 85.8% of Customer Success/Support teams are turning to high-touch methods to onboard customers out of necessity. This is a clear opportunity for product and process changes to improve customer experience and grow your SaaS business.

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