June 2016
Internet Trends

Welcome to the June Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.

June has been an exciting month for cloud related acquisitions. Salesforce's acquisition of Demandware, the Samsung acquisition of Joyent and the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn are all interesting from different perspectives. I have done quite a bit of consulting work for Demandware and I'm excited about the Salesforce acquisition and how that integration develops. The Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn is one of the more controversial tech acquisitions that we've seen for a while and I've included some perspectives on it below.

I'm always interested in hearing about your plans for developing and offering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  

Internet Trends - 2016
Mary Meeker of KPCB recently published the Annual Internet Trends Report. I find this to be one of the best sources of macro-economic information related to the Internet along with factual information about future technology trends. Some of the topics that I found the most interesting included the following:
  • Commerce
  • Messaging
  • Voice as a computer interface
  • Automobile industry
  • Data Analytics

I think that messaging and using voice as a computer interface have the potential to change SaaS applications in the future. Any plans for using this technology in your applications in the future?

Microsoft & LinkedIn

There are of course various perspectives on the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn. This is Microsoft's official description and perspective. The Economist has a slightly negative   view  especially considering the price. Jeff Kaplan of Think Strategies published his views on Sandhill. I think that is is fair to say that we all see opportunities with the acquisition but wonder if Microsoft will truly be able to capitalize on them.

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