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How your small business and consumer customers pay for your SaaS service is of course a key part of your customer aquisition and renewal processes and a source of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. I've included an article this month which describes major payment types and associated payment trends for subscription services such as SaaS.

Customer Success continues to be very important in SaaS and below are both some key 2017 trends.

I'm always interested in hearing about your plans for developing and offering cloud applications.

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SaaS Payment Methods
Zuora is a billing and invoicing software provider for the subscription economy. SaaS software is a significant piece of the subscription economy and Zuora published information which gives a good overview of subscription payment methods and trends. Ever wonder if you are offering your small business and consumer clients the right payment methods especially if you are selling your software globally? This article should help you get started in thinking about this area.

Customer Success
UserIQ, a software provider for enterprise Customer Success, has outlined the Customer Success Trends for 2017 based on their survey of B to B Customer Success organizations. More focus on aligning Customer Success, Sales and Marketing is one area of important need that caught my attention. 80% indicate that product adoption is important but only 21% say that Customer Success, Sales and Marketing are well aligned.
Top 10 Worst Pieces of SaaS Advice

This blog post by Jason Lemkin, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, debunks some common SaaS advice. So if some of the advice you hear feels as clear as the above picture check out what Jason has to say about that advice.

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