October 2016
Scary Cloud Stories

Welcome to the October Cirrostratus Group Newsletter. In celebration of Halloween I'm including three scary cloud stories. But unlike Freddy Krueger all of these are real.

All of the companies involved suffered financial loss and negative publicity. Could something like this happen to you? Hopefully not at the same scale but, yes, these stories demonstrate inherent risks with the technology that we use everyday.

I wish I had nice pat answers of how to protect yourself from these risks but this is Halloween and it wouldn't be scary if there were easy answers.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  

Scary Cloud Stories
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Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack on DYN, a DNS Service Provider

The DNS services from DYN were attacked causing outages of major Internet services for good portions of a day during October. Here is Dyn's own explanation of the outage. Dyn is a reputable company that has made it's mark recently by providing enterprise type DNS services described in a previous article I wrote published in Sandhill.com.

DDOS attacks are hard to prevent and resolve and attacks like this on core infrastructure services can cause major outages. Unfortunately, I'm sure we'll see more of them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Fires

Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones from Samsung have been in the news recently including the reported fires from phones that were supposed to have the problem fixed. Samsung then removed the phone from the market and reported significantly impacted Q3 earnings. A technical explanation of the safety challenges with lithium ion batteries is available here from Battery University a good source of general technical information on different types of batteries.

Lithium ion batteries have had past problems with fires and explosions and those kinds of risks are a challenge with any energy source . I imagine that we will see more of these types of problems with electronic devices and of course electric cars.

Yahoo Data Breach

In September Yahoo reported one of the largest data breaches that has ever been reported which affected at least 500 million accounts. This of course is not the only recent news about emails. The publication of Colin Powell's emails, one of which contained Salesforce's board presentation on M&A plans and targets, received recent news coverage along with various political stories about email hacking.

Although email has never been a particularly secure communication method the recent hacking and publication of large quantities of email is truly alarming.

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